Chapter One: They're Long And White And They Go KABOOM!

AN: Okay, here's how we're gonna do this: I'm splitting the original "Primary Colours" into four different stories. One (Red) for Justin's freshman year, Blue for his sophomore year, Yellow for his junior year, and Green for his senior year. Now, I know green isn't a primary colour, but it is commonly mistaken as one and I needed another colour, so yeah…

If anyone wants the general idea of these four stories and how it will be altered from the original, feel free to read "Primary Colours". I will leave it posted until I finish these. But if you read it please don't let it turn you off to my writing! I promise this one will be so much better!

Also, you'll notice that this story has a 'T' rating. That's because, unlike all of the other stories in the Chris X Justin series (they were all rated 'M'), this has no slash. I know, so sorry. Just a bit of innocent shounen-ai in chappy two.

I only ask one thing: read "He Paints His World In Black And White". It's only fifteen very short chappys (only about forty pages on MicroWord) and it will help you understand the plot. Think of it as a prequel.

Oh, by the way, I was listening to "Skin" by Breaking Benjamin when I wrote this.


Going back to school the Monday after Chris left was nothing short of torture. I was of course confronted by the fact that my three best friends were absent from my very first class of the day, Algebra.

At least Shanna and Mark are in here, I thought, turning to look at them. They were talking to a pretty girl with short brown hair who was sitting in front of them, twisting in her seat to face them.

"Hey guys," I said half-heartedly. Shanna looked at me in surprise.

"Oh, hey Justin. Where're your new friends?" she asked. I didn't like the way she said 'new friends'. It was almost like we weren't friends anymore.

"They moved," I said quietly. Shanna's face softened. She wasn't stupid and she knew, even if we hadn't talked about it, how I felt about Chris.

"Oh, I'm sorry Justin-baby," she said. God, it always annoyed me that she clumped people's names together with –baby­. "Hey, do you know Andi?" She indicated the brunette girl in front of her, who waved and smiled shyly.

"No, but it's nice to meet you Andi," I said sweetly, crossing my legs quickly. For some reason I didn't want awkward questions from her about my gender and while I knew I probably wasn't flashing her or anything, I thought the added precaution might not be a bad idea.

"He's new here," Mark said, smiling at Andi.

"No I'm not. Well, not any newer than you two," I said indignantly. Mark and Shanna looked at me in surprise.

"Um, we weren't talking about you, Justin-baby," Shanna said with a laugh.

They weren't talking about me? Then who could they be talking about?


"You're a guy?" I asked in surprise, looking at Andi. He nodded, smiling shyly. "Oh."

"Is that okay?" Andi asked in a breathy, yet decidedly male voice.

"Yeah, Justin is, after all," Mark said with a shrug. Andi's eyes widened as he looked at me.

"Justin? I thought you were saying Justine," he said. You have no idea how often I hear that. Seriously, the whole world needs hearing aids or something. "You're really pretty," he said to me with a shy smile.

"Thank you," I said, taken aback. I knew I was pretty, I guess. I had long blonde hair, huge blue eyes, and fair skin. Yeah, I was stereotypical. Fuck you too.

I was had a lithe figure and I was only about five-foot-one. So I was like a fag doll or something. But whatever.

Something about Andi creeped me out, though. He just didn't seem quite… right…

"So Justin-baby," Shanna said as though the entire 'pretty' comment had never happened. "Party at my house Friday evening. You in?"

I nodded eagerly. I didn't usually do parties, ever since that time when I was little and the red power ranger sat on me at a birthday party. But I really wanted to resume my friendship with Shanna, and she was a little flighty. It might be my last chance in a while to secure her friendship again.

Before I move on with my torture of a day, let me tell you about Mark and Shanna.

Shanna was the original bisexual fag hag punk girl. She had ass-long black hair (we had grown our hair out together back in third grade) with sweeping magenta bangs. She wore the school uniform (I'll explain the rule on that later) to school, but her other clothes… well, you'll just have to wait until I describe the party to hear about that. She had dark brown seme eyes and she stood at five-foot-six.

Mark was already five-foot-ten at the age of fourteen and he wore a size twelve shoe (translation: if the thing about big feet is true, I wanted him to suddenly become gay). He was well-built because he played football in the fall and basketball in the spring since sixth grade. He also wore the uniform to school and you'll have to wait to hear about his normal clothes, too. He had curly shoulder-length black hair (Mum calls them Italian locks, but I have no idea why) and matching eyes. He was currently very tan, but that would fade by late November.

Now, about the uniforms, I think they're cute. The girls wear purple pleated skirts, white knee-socks, brown loafer-type shoes, and white button down shirts that they layer under a lavender sweater-vest during the winter.

The boys wear purple slacks (okay, I can totally see why a straight guy would be less-than-chuffed to wear them), white button-down shirts, brown shoes, and purple jackets during the winter.

The classes of 2007 and 2008 (this year's juniors and seniors) threw a fit about the uniforms and pointed out that they already had normal clothes and not everyone could afford uniforms since they had already bought the other clothes. Since Ezekiel High was a public school they couldn't refuse anyone an education and if you couldn't buy a uniform they couldn't make you wear one.

So while students like me, Shanna, and Mark wear the uniform (Shanna and I don't mind them and Mark has to 'set an example' since he's on the football team), most students say that they don't have the money for it and just wear their normal clothes.

When the bell rang for us to go to second block I walked off to choir alone. It was going to be a very dull class without Nicole.


"Mum, I do not need help dressing!" I said angrily as she rummaged through my closet. She pretended not to hear me and continued. "I'm already dressed!" I pointed out. She turned around and looked at me closely for perhaps the first time since I had told her I was going to the party and she fangirl-squealed and ran up the stairs to my room.

I was wearing a purple mesh shirt over a black tank top, low-riding black pants, black-and-purple ballet flats, and a fedora. Yes, I own a fedora. My long hair was loose and falling to my waist in loose curls. As a finishing touch I was wearing a purple thong that I allowed to peek over the waistband of my pants.


When I got to Shanna's house that night there was a note taped to the door of the otherwise dark dwelling.

Party has been moved to Soldier's. –Shanna

Soldier's Memorial Theatre was an old rec center-type building where different local bands put on concerts and stuff like that. Some distant member of Shanna's family owned Soldier's, and that's probably how she got the place for the party. Sometimes if there was nothing else going on that night Shanna's relative person would let her use the main room.

"I've got a southern belle, too… and the ruby red shoes… with a body of straw… where you're sick of it all… There's a man made of tin… with an oilcan grin… and I'm gonna get you… and your little dog, too… there's a yellow brick road… that we follow back home… and I know you can't wait… there's no place like home…"

The speakers blasted Breaking Benjamin, one of Shanna's favourite bands.

Oh dear God, the emo boys were slam dancing.

You might remember, from the Fresk's birthday party, that emo boys slam dancing was rather traumatizing to me. If you don't remember, or are still unclear about what slam dancing is, then allow me to explain. The rest of you can skip the next paragraph.

The basic idea of slam dancing, as I understand it, is that you must take up as much space as you can, put as many people in danger of bodily harm as you can, and fake the most convincing seizure as possible.

Skirting around the back wall, I finally managed to make my way over to the place where Shanna, Mark, Andi, and Bethany Bradshaw, Shanna's girlfriend. Shanna and Bethany were standing very close together (as in, they were pressed together so tight that you couldn't tell whose boobs were whose and their tongues seemed to be magnetized), and they looked as though they didn't want to be disturbed.

"Hey Justin," Andi said in his breathless voice.

Oh your God, I want his outfit.

He was wearing a pair of short leather shorts that laced all the way up the sides (meaning that if someone pulled just one string hard enough they would fall off), a black shirt that had numerous chains and other strappy things on them, a studded collar, and what I like to call 'thigh-high-fuck-me-boots'. His hair had some sort of glittery gel in it and there was also glitter on his chest, arms, and, oh God, the skin between the tops of his boots and his very short shorts.

I think Chris would have liked that…

That thought was all it took for my eyes to tear up and a lump to form in my throat. I quickly fought it back and smiled at Andi and Mark.

"Hey guys," I said casually. Mark smiled. He looked nice, too. He was wearing a pair of tight, tight jeans and an equally tight Invader Zim hoodie. His curly hair was as unruly as it always was, as Mark had never been able to understand why Shanna and I spent so much time on our hair.

Typical straight guy, for you.

"Hey, you showed up," Mark observed. I shrugged.

"Why wouldn't I?"

"Parties aren't really your thing, are they? Not since that power ranger tried to cop a cheep feel," he said with a grin.

"I'm telling you, that guy was creepy," I said indignantly. Mark had never totally believed me about the creepiness of that power ranger.

I looked across the floor as the song changed to one of my absolute most hated songs ever, "Don't Cha" by The Pussycat Dolls. Shanna and her girlfriend broke apart and she grinned at me. I could finally see her whole outfit and I sighed. Typical Shanna. She was wearing a short black pleated skirt with a studded belt, a black baby tee that showed her stomach and the rose-and-thorn tattoo she had gotten under her belly button last spring break when she went to Cancun with her college-age brother. I kid you not. The shirt was also very low cut and you could see the top of her red lace bra, not to mention quite a bit of cleavage. She had a hickey on her collar bone and one on her neck.

"Wait for it," she said. A second later the lyrics changed and a man was singing.

"Give it to me fast… and hard… you know this princess is hot… so you better watch as I swallow that cock… lick it up and down cause you like it a lot… then I'll take a chainsaw to your fucking g-spot…"

"What the hell is that?" I asked, trying not to laugh. Shanna grinned widely.

"Jeffree Star. Just something to cheer you up," she said.

I was surprised that no one at the party cared about the song, since most people in our town were extremely homophobic, but in retrospect I shouldn't be. Shanna only hung out with open-minded people, and everyone there probably just saw it as a joke. Some of the more comfortable emo boys started grinding, and I had to laugh. It made me think of the one time Chris and I had danced that way.

That's it; I wasn't going to think about that anymore. I was there to have fun and I was going to, dammit! Besides, I was just a smidge preoccupied with the current hotness of the erotic dancing of the emo boys. I know, I was totally supposed to be in constant mourning over the loss of my first love, but… I don't know, the atmosphere was infectious.

"Hey Shanna, I—" I started but one look at her told me that she wasn't listening. She and Bethany were both staring across the dance floor where two girls were dancing very close together. As in every straight teenage boy's wet dream close.

Lucifer and Zephyr. Oh God, not those two.



Honestly, Zephyr and I have never danced in any manner… except the Time Warp, and that's not exactly a sexy dance. It's not very realistic of the real Zephyr, or me, since I can't dance like, at all. I only put it in here to freak Justin out. Honestly.

Again, so sorry, Zephyr.

I thought about making you dance with… dah dah DAH! MCKINLY!!!

But then I changed my mind .:ducks as Zephyr throws sharp objects:.

But he will be in this story. And so will you. Together!

Also, Soldier's is a real place. It's where the teenagers around here go for open mic and concerts and such. My understanding is that it's also a common hookup place, although I've never been a part of that, and yes, the emo boys slam dance. I, unlike Justin, find it amusing.

God, this version is nothing like the original so far. But it will be. It's just that since I split the story into four parts I can go into more detail. So I'm going to explain why Justin stopped being friends with Shanna and Mark.

Anywho, review and tell me, please, that this version is better than the first. The only problem is that I haven't really shown how shitty Justin feels without Chris… It will be in the next chappy, I promise!

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