caked on cinnamon powder
on my apple breasts. pretend that i
am going sour in your mouth and say
how dear my polka dot cut heart
is to you. i bloom like rancid roses
all across your back; i eat your
flesh and spit it back out in the
form of lies.

the vodka fucks my throat hard.
leaving me dry and praying to a deaf
god inarticulately. i laugh and mock
him, as I use his cross in my
lesbian sex and disclaim all his

go against everything you've
ever been taught. i take my
(childsafetyplastic) scissors and
snip all your restraints. trust me,
i laugh, and lead you down to my
own personal cesspit and show
you peach-fuzzed breasts and
bleeding hearts.

lay between my hot thighs
and feel all my nerves twitch into
relaxation. i'll place kiss bombs
all along your jaw line and breathe
hushed promises into the cascade
of your silken mane. burn the
imprints of my fingertips
ringed around your nipple; you
are mine. now and

in the shower i dominate. stroke
and pant and rectify stability. rub
baby oil on grecian legs and gently
(with my masochistic side) shave
you till you're pure and fit my