I'm always asking myself, how could I have believed you. I always thought that I was good a judging character. I mean, the signs were all there, but I was so twisted up in some other place and my heart was ruling my head. I ignored what everyone was telling me and I figured they just weren't used to us, you know? Our personalities, our chemistry- it baffled them. But there had always been 'us.' The only difference was that the new Us was one, we were connected. At least, that's what I thought.
Maybe it was like those cheap tragedies, you know the kind. Where the signs all lead to something horrible and everyone knows it but the main character. Yeah, it was like that.
Everything had been a facade, unreal. Your face had been masked to fit my approval, the act practiced and performed. You played your cards well enough, made me believe, and I gave you my trust. And while I hate to sound cliche, I stick with what I said before: I never lied to you, not once.
I hated you for hurting me, because it was the one thing you had promised you would never do-ever. You had promised. But your words caved in on themselves, breaking your walls and tearing down you stage, and for once, I saw you in honesty. I thought, 'God, I need to stop listening o my heart.'
Beauty is skin deep, and you were one dimensional. Hate is just like love, senseless and overpowering.
In a moment, I took back everything and the world evaporated. You were dead and my heart was closing off your memory. There wasn't any Us, there had never been any Us. Just two people in one situation, and one huge mistake. But there was no point in crying.
The sentiments never meant a thing.