Full Summary: Ashlyn Lamont is the most popular girl in school. That is, until her status-boosting boyfriend, Kevin Carson dumps her and goes onto the next hot girl. In order to win him back, Ashlyn creates a boyfriend for herself… and asks her best friend, Jamie Fan, to be him! The problem? Jamie's a girl!

Chapter 1


"I just… can't believe I've been bumped down in the social scale all because of him!" I exclaimed over the phone to Jamie. Jamie, my best friend, sighed over the phone. She'd heard this too many times before. Every day, in fact. Every day for the past month.

"Why don't you just accept that it's over? Move on!" Jamie's voice came back over the phone. I could just hear the exasperated expression on her face. I sighed.

"That's my problem. I just… can't!!"

"…Hear me this time, okay Ashlyn? GET OVER HIM," Jamie replied. I'd heard that line from her plenty of times before.

I sighed and shifted myself on my bed. I grabbed onto a thick, light yellow pillow and stuffed my face into it. I could hear Jamie sigh again on the other end.

"Well, call me back when you get over him, okay?" Jamie said. "I've tried saying everything to you and none of those comforts seem to help. Maybe you'll just have to… you know, go through this bout of depression until you're over it." I groaned and ran a hand through my long, light brown hair.

"Alright, thanks, Jamie," I said. "I just wish I could get him to come back to me, you know?" I stood up and paced around the room, padding across the beige carpeting to my dresser where I pulled out a pair of pajamas.

"No, I don't know," Jamie replied. "But I can only imagine. See, this is why I've never had a boyfriend."

"No… no, I don't suppose you'd know," I smiled sadly. One of my goals for high school was to get both of us a boyfriend. Obviously, I failed. Hey, it was hard trying to get my friend a boyfriend when she'd gone to a different high school than I had. I shoved the drawer closed with my hip.

"Right, anyway, I'll talk to you later," Jamie said. I muttered a "see ya" and heard the click on the other end of the line. I hung up the light pink phone on the end table near my bed.

I wandered over to my messy bookcase and pulled last year's yearbook out from under a large pile of romance novels. I was a hopeless romantic, I'll admit. I opened the page to Kevin's picture; he was so gorgeous. I sighed and glanced over at my own picture. Even in a year I'd grown so much older. Probably because I'd gone from being an underclassman, a lowly sophomore, to a junior this year. I'd discovered what a little makeup and fashion could do to a girl… suddenly I was gorgeous.

I wistfully traced my finger over the heart he'd drawn around our pictures when he signed my yearbook. We'd started dating at the beginning of the second semester, but our relationship had been growing since freshman year.

And then we come back from summer vacation and what happens? He's found a new love of his life. I slammed the book closed and tossed it to the corner of the room.

"Are you alright, honey?" my mom called up to me. Evidently, she heard the slam. I hurried to the door.

"Yeah, mom. I'm fine!" I called back.


I walked over to the radio, flicked it on. Then, I walked over to the computer and brought it out of sleep.

As soon as the screen blinked on, I got an instant message.

GoldenHairedDamsel4975: hey grl u wont believe wat happnd

It was Emily, one of the girls from school. I didn't like her much—she was waaaay too ditzy for me—but I responded politely.

xXMissUnderstoodXx: what?

GoldenHairedDamsel14975: elena just got another bf

xXMissUnderstoodXx: seriously?

GoldenHairedDamsel14975: ya and kyles all jealous now

GoldenHairedDamsel14975: ppl say hes gonna go back to her

xXMissUnderstoodXx: what? but didn't he dump her?

GoldenHairedDamsel14975: ya but he doesnt want to lose her to the new guy

It was then I was struck with my great idea.

xXMissUnderstoodXx: alright thanks for the info

xXMissUnderstoodXx: ill ttyl, i g2g

GoldenHairedDamsel14975: okee bai

I rushed to the phone and dialed Jamie's number. I didn't need to get over Kevin. No, I could actively do something to get him back. He was going to come back to me; there was no doubt in my mind. Just a little careful planning and he'd be mine. I grinned. Jamie picked up her phone.


Thanks to everyone for reading! This is the beginning of my new story. I'm throwing out this first chapter just to see what people think; I'll update this story as soon as I finish "Happiness Lived Next Door". I'd really love to know what you think and if this is worth continuing or not, so please drop a review. As always, constructive criticism is welcomed!