Chapter 18


It's been a half a year since then. All of us are entering senior year now.

Jamie and I made up that very night when I called her. I explained everything and apologized for weeks. Jamie just laughed it off and told me that if Otto ever dumps her, I would have to pose as her boyfriend. Of course I agreed… because Otto's not gonna dump her.

Otto is madly in love with Jamie. He's always all over her, completely loyal. I've become good friends with Otto—and I've started to do my own Chem homework. And… he's promised to help me if I agree to sit and listen to his rants about Jamie. It's really not that bad.

Jamie's really glad to be a girl again. I don't blame her. It's great to have such a good friend. I feel like I'll always be in her debt.

The girls in my school still ask me about Jamie, my "boyfriend." I tell them that we broke up after that kiss with Kevin. Still, they ask me for pictures of him and everything. It's like Jamie's everyone's dream boy. Which, I guess, she was. I mean, what kind of girl doesn't want a boyfriend who's like your best friend and who's as cute as Jamie was?

Kevin is still the "hottest guy in school." But really, I don't care anymore. I can strut around school single with my little group of friends. I don't need the popularity; my lust for it nearly destroyed my friendship with my one true friend. Besides, I'm graduating this year anyway. I'll have to establish myself in college, too. No use wasting energy here. And then I look at the girls chasing Kevin, and I truly pity them. He seems to enjoy it, though.

And as for me, I've given up on my plans. They clearly don't work, I mean, look at how much trouble they've caused. I nearly broke my best friend's heart, as well as my own. All I've got is to be thankful that everything ended up alright in the end. Totally unexpected, I'm sure. I mean, this isn't like some sort of fluffy teen fiction here. This is the real world, where my plans need sheer luck to work.

Then again, maybe I've got enough luck for one more try. What's the plan this time?

Well, Carly's clearly got her sights on that cute, young history teacher.

Maybe I'll try getting them together… because everyone deserves a happily ever after like Jamie and I ended up with, after all.

The End

I'm kind of sad it's over. Well, I'd like to thank all of you, readers and reviewers, for your continuing support for this story. I am so happy that my story achieved so much success and support. I can only hope it will continue to be read, even though I've finished writing it. Thanks again! 'Til next time ; )