I. Margo & Molly

Margo may breathe oxygen into

her sister (metaphorically) but

she is the fire to Molly's Oceanside

eyes… and watches less than horrorstruck

as it burns the foam for hours and

Molly screams,

wide red hair-ribbons

flail in the smoke.

Margo lit the match that

started the flames,

but Molly never tried

to put the fire out

she succumbed.


with an early summer

smile, and dark curls

that coil, smooth serpents,

around her candy apple


they do not bite.

Margo wants to

escape her little girl

world of lacy easter dresses

white mary janes and

rainbow barrettes and clips-

but Molly embraces it

with a gap-toothed grin

that steals her Mother's heart away

(If Margo could take it

too, she'd pocket it

in threadbare overalls)

but Molly never wants to keep

her Mother's love, she always

gives it back.

Molly waits patiently,

Margo fidgets: toe-tapping

Rata tat tat tat, baby girl fingerprints

on the glass screen door, drumming


Margo stares at Molly barely moving

barely breathing and


to understand.

"There are some things about me

that you will never understand."