III. And Margo likes lilacs

As a child: Margo braided dandelion chains

into crowns & other royal springtime finery.

Now, she lets lavender petals sprinkle

her hair

and tucks a single lilac blossom behind her ear.

There is nothing but today.

Molly's slimming face & figure

do not escape Margo's eye-

She sees it. & Margo has


she pressed her fingertips to Molly's

and spoke as firmly as her touch

"I am your sister. And I am telling

you that you've got to stop."

Molly's features, earnest and bordering

on playful snapped to narrowed eyes and

her mouth became a thin line in 5 seconds flat.

Molly tore herself from Margo's grip;

she ripped herself from her sister's protection.

"You don't know what you're talking about.

You're jealous of me. You always have been."

An exclamation point is needed here,

but Margo's brain has deleted it from her

memory to ease the hurt.

Because Margo was so surprised to see

this angry girl spitting word venom where

Molly used to be

that she let her go.

And now she's too far gone.