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The yellow Mustang tore out of the driveway, its tires screeching painfully against the pavement as it disappeared down the road. I watched from my doorway, unable to move, unable to utter any sort of exclamation of protest besides a few stilted, strangled gasps. I sounded as if I were choking, dying, suffocating beneath the weight of my anguish, and perhaps I was. For the driver of that yellow Mustang was reckless, I knew. He lived so vicariously close to the edge that it was a wonder he hadn't fallen off yet. But I'd loved him for it. Yes, I most certainly had.

I thought of the first time I'd seen him, and wondered if this perhaps would be the last. Just the thought forced the tears I'd been dutifully holding back from my eyes, and I found myself crumbling into a sitting position in the doorway, my body halfway in and halfway out of the house. He would probably have laughed at me had he been able to see me now, sobbing and curling up like a little girl, but I knew he would never turn back. He never turned back.

Perhaps that was what I'd loved so much about him. He was steadfast until the end, he had loved me with all his heart, and I knew with all of mine that I loved him equally if not more. But we were from two different worlds, he and I, and in the end, that had been our downfall. Where I was nothing, he was everything. He was all that I tried to run from, but all that allured me. He had a way of capturing people; of drawing them in so close that they could no longer escape his beauty. It was, I found after much time spent in his presence, mostly unconscious. He was dangerous and captivating, charming and handsome…and he'd loved me.

It's merely a fact of life that everyone makes mistakes. If they're lucky, they'll learn from them, move on, and become a better person because of it. Mine, unfortunately, was something I knew I could never justify. I had lost everything that mattered to me in only minutes, and I knew it was something I would have to live with for the rest of my life, because I knew him. He had put so much passion into loving me, and now he would put the same amount of passion into hating me. That was just how he was. He never did anything halfway.

As the sobs wracking my body began to subside, giving way to pathetic sounding hiccups, I turned and studied the dark, empty road in front of my house with hazy eyes. I imagined I could see a yellow Mustang approaching from the distance, and attempted to picture in my mind exactly what it had been like to make him smile. His happiness had been like clouds parting to reveal the sun, and I had been the one to destroy it.

As I sat there, perfectly still and silent except for my labored breathing, I thought back to the day we had met, the day my life had been forever changed. I hadn't known it then, of course, as one typically never does when they are about to experience an intense utterly life changing moment. It had been simple, really – trifling, if you could even think of something so brilliant in such terms.

Our story began, strangely enough, with a stoplight.

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