I wanted to make you feel the way I feel
But naivety struck a harsh cord within me
And I broke down before the memo had a chance
To pass from my hands to yours

There are men posted to my wall
A little hand grasping at adulthood
All mirrors are covered in veils
Adulthood made me distorted and ugly

I desired to tell you about my life
Because I didn't know that apathy is the way to go
How was I supposed to understand that you hated me
When my social experience was limited to you?

A dreamcatcher hangs dusty in a corner - useless
My dreams are busy bouncing around my head
Shrines and sayings litter the place
Dreams that are so constant I've forgotten the point

I wished to explain why I am the way I am
But stumbled over the important stuff - so cliche
With my round face and overweight body and awkward stance
Desperate words mean nothing when nothing is going to happen

The mess needs to go 'cause I'm tired of tripping
The walls need to be replastered and painted and this time left bare
The desk needs to be reorganized and traded in for something bigger
The computer needs an upgrade at least, a new model would be nice
The bed must be rebuilt as something King Sized and the baby pink cover must go
The floor should be vaccumed - tacks punch my feet all the time
The bookshelf should be cleared so that I can replace classics with favorites

And the girl in the corner must go so that I can finish reapplying my mascara
-It's fading from view again.