As I watched you wander away from my heart
Towards the unpredictability of another tomorrow that day,
I tried to turn back the hands of time in my mind so that
A fantasy of our past perfection would diminish my misery.

But because I've been so viciously strangled by the aged skin you've shed
And so thoughtlessly dragged into an ocean of cruel fragility
That serves as a punishment for not possessing what you craved all along,
My mind at this moment considers dying instead so that I'll feel alive again.

However, as the final stage of complete solitude takes refuge within my blank world,
Creating an unfamiliar sense of tranquility in comparision to previous happenings,
The intangible melody snug beneath my heart's surface that was previously hushed
By our masquerade seizes the opportunity to revitalise my entire being.

It's then that my original intention of always putting you before myself is crystalised,
Forcing all previous actions and feelings such as betrayal and hurt to drown in the tune of realisation
Which consists of me sighting the fact that I had to suffer if you were to experience
The most fulfilling life possible through the discovery of other scenery in this world.

Therefore, I now swim courageously across this stunned turquoise reality towards my next tomorrow,
Knowing that I have to keep moving ahead, living a similar approach to life like you knew well before myself;
Embracing the potentials on this new adventure such as even more significant advancements in knowledge,
And, finally accepting the concept that yes, this is where you and me are meant to be...

Authors Note: The reason it's in the sub category of 'General' is because, for me anyway, it relates to more than one of the sub categories equally, so I've just allowed it to be broad, which leaves it to a wider range of interpretation anyhow.