Making A Difference

Written in 3rd person for effect, but in reality, these are my views. Maybe a little vague, but purposely so.

Her heart is heavy,

As she watches the news,

Her eyes are saddened

To see the abuse.

She feels like her heart

Will shatter and break,

Into a million

Pieces of hate.

Why do so many

People make claims?

Backed up with false

Quotations and names.

Holy verses are twisted,

Interpretations change,

Events take place,

Too far from her range.

That's not how it is!

She wants to scream,

Clarify stereotypes,

And explain what she means.

Yet she is too small,

Too insignificant,

One individual,

Completely different.

She feels helpless and tiny,

Compared to the world,

How could she explain

As such a simple girl?

So she writes poetry,

Her way to express,

What causes her pain

And provokes distress.

It may not be good,

But it's the one escape,

The one method by which

She can take a break.

For one single moment,

She can open the curtains,

Reveal the truth,

Yet, she is uncertain.

Whoever reads this,

She wants them to know,

She only wants peace,

And no more sorrow.

She hopes for the best,

Tries to be a spark,

To prove that there is

A light in the dark.

Stereotypes are misleading,

Yet, at the same time,

Actions speak louder

Than words or mimes.

She is saddened to see,

How many people fall,

But she hopes she can make

A difference for all.