In Limbo Forever

It's funny how this has come out so angsty...I never meant for it to turn out like this.

- - -

Irony is something common these days,

Bitter laughs, complicated ways,

Dark, black secrets buried deep,

Illogical, forbidden dreams in sleep.

Haunted by death, afraid and alone,

Her eyes mist over, her heart becomes stone,

Her body is bruised, yet the scars have healed,

Leaving a pink-smoothness, secrets are sealed.

Tears drip like rain from her red-smudged eyes,

She smiles forcedly to preserve the disguise,

A bitter twist to her lips, to every smile,

A touch of resentment for every child.

She wafts along empty corridoors,

Like a lost ghost clinging to familiar chores,

Obediant and quiet, she listens and learns,

While inside, her heart and desires burn.

Dazed and lost in her own little world,

She is just a confused, haunted teenage girl,

Her death, predetermined, and haunting her,

She clings to life, In Limbo Forever...