Trapped and Then Freed

Darkness near,
but still far and foggy.
Shadows thick,
messing with my mind.
Is it my time?

Slowly wonder what it's like to fade away.
Shouldn't I already know?
I'm going day by day.

Breaking down, slowly but sure.
What is this light they speak of?
Is it the cure?

Light, crystal clear,
Not foggy or black, and the best's near.
Darkness, disappearing everyday.
Shadows leaving, they are going away.

Am I free of this darkness?

Author Notes: uhhhh...I dunno, I have lots of people to thank, and
not enough room to put it on, so I want to thankies my cuz, again, who
helped me. Spelling and stuff, ya know? I kinda suck at that.. ^^*
j'adore tu Ruka Chan and Christina Furnari!! Thanks for the support!!