Don't look at me like you know me

Don't pretend that you're your destiny

You don't realize not all is here for the take,

You can't tell the reality from the fake

You say that you're the best, on top

I hate how you can't tell flip from flop

It isn't just you that gets angry

I know you, "It's all about me"

I get the feeling you don't care

When it comes down to it you don't want to share

What about the rest of us?

I don't care on what you have to say

Go ahead, make my day

You're still just a child

Why don't you just grow up?

You piss me off

You hurt your friends

Until the very end

You're the Satan in our hearts

Until we find the strength the depart

We envy you, and you're too caught up

And you've done your last slip up

You never mean you're sorry

So you don't really have to worry

Keep going on if you feel the need to.

I'm done telling you what you need to do.