tell your dad i said hi
and that i really am a nice girl, in context

tell him i'm compulsively un-obsessed
and that i can't help that i know everything
(except the definitions to long words i can't pronounce)
but whisper how i get every Jeopardy question wrong

i can't stand the way sagging flesh looks
(but i love to gauge my ears)
like how violence on tv teaches people how to pull the trigger
ignoring the owner's of the gun's will

tell him the worst things about drugs is the desire to take them

tell him, especially, how Porn inspires me
one day, he will rent one, and there i'll be on the front cover
mention how i think clothing is overrated
(even though i'm an aggressive lingerie shopper)
remind him how he watched his first porn at twelve
and fell in love with the star

I've never lost a super soaker game
(pump twice aim and then fire)
when i was in kindergarten, we never played
we only played catch
with rocks.

Tell him i've cried over spilt milk and wine
tell him i don't like most hands because of that one guy's
tell him all i think alot about bones
tell him i've made myself puke because of all three of those things
It takes me fourteen minutes to run the mile, and the whole time, i think about food.

I've tried to make myself pretty but it was too much sacrifice
remind him i was born like this
and i think this is how i want to die
besides, plastic surgery is awfully expensive
one day, he'll want me to pay his social security

Tell him i'm a rock star and my barbie fans love me
and i love too much
i learnt how to draw hearts on the insides of my thighs with razors

i found an unread love letter in my mailbox, they had the wrong address, for a little while, i wandered why i never get one that smells like Love Spell and champagne.
i've spent all day in the rain, questioning the stars.
tell him no one answers my questions
and my only real friend isn't a whole person - i try not to think about the other half

tell him when he wants to find me,
to honk outside my window twice
i'll look outside and pretend i don't know who it is
after all i wear contacts and can't really see without them

tell him i hope he sleeps alright tonight.