I'd Say Sincerely, But I Just Need Closure.

you were infecting me
under my skin
twisting up my bones
and kissing in-between.
my heartbeat skipped
and skipped
and skipped.

it was the only thing that felt real
and it was poisoning.
but i wrote our names on my calendar
circled it in red
and hoped for tomorrow in that
we'd still be there.

but you turned and walked away.
as if it had changed you,
and i asked your fading reflection
when the last time you'd seen a mirror
but you didn't believe in those types of things.

so you had gathered up the bones
and left for outer-space
while i clinged onto the hardwood floor
and dreamed of just your face.

when i called you over the telephone
and told the electric lines
you were the only thing that kept me going
but you had left me just behind.
and you laughed
and you laughed
and you laughed
and you laughed.

you got your two weeks noticed
and found me sleeping in your bed
with my pulse in your hands
and a rope tangled in the sheets
you said you'd always be there
catching me when i jump.

you lie you lie you always lie.
and i should have guessed
you'd trick me.
but i didn't.
so i drowned in a romance
only i could see.

one month later,
the calendar fell off the wall
and you lost all courage
to change months
and hang it back up.
so it's rotting with the stars
like us
like us.

like you.