Chapter 1: Tweedledee Tweedledum

The ultimate romantic fantasy for every teenage girl is to be the object of the affections of beautiful men: beautiful men who are not only rich, but bright and talented as well. An even more surreal fantasy would be being the object of the affections of two beautiful, talented, and rich identical twins. This fantasy was a reality for me, that is, when I hadn't even realized that I was living a fantasy.

My mother was a maid in the Darling estate way back when. Working in the estate, my mother had befriended the mistress of the house- Shaylla Darling and when my mother became impregnated with me a year or two after Mrs. Darling gave birth to the twins, Mrs. Darling gladly opened up her doors and insisted for my mother to raise me on Darling grounds. I was born then, ten fingers and ten toes, a perfectly healthy and plump baby. As I grew older and became less dependent on my mother, I became acquainted with the Darling twins, Ace and Cyan. Even at the age of three, those who saw them were confident that the twins would grow up to be wickedly handsome. They began their education at the age of four and before they turned five, they had learned their multiplication system up to nine squared. At five, they took up piano, and at the age of nine, a wall and two shelves had filled up with their awards for first and second places in piano competitions. When one of them came second, it was only because the other one had already taken first. As I watched these two make progress like wildfire, I tried desperately to catch up. I studied and studied, and practiced the piano whenever the piano was not in use, but alas, I was not nearly as talented as they. We all went to the same school and I managed top grades from studying so diligently, but I never became the actual top. The twins did not even spend a quarter of the time I spent studying or practicing and yet, managed to surmount my scores or placing in every test and competition.

It may be conceived that these super humans must have been overly arrogant or obnoxious, but indeed that was not the case. They treated me like they would have to a little sister and encouraged me to overcome them. They praised me and helped me whenever possible. Despite my envy of their talent and perfection, I loved them more than anything. That is why I was devastated when they left to study overseas in an exotic elite school in Europe. I was distraught by the way they had left without a word to me. It was as if we were strangers.

I was now a student of Westbrook Academy-the super high classed private school only four miles away from the Darling Estate. I was a to-be junior and had pulled myself to all-honor and AP classes. After the twins had left, I secured my position at the top and won every piano competition I entered. I goaded myself into believing that I could evenly compete with the twins now, if they ever entered my life again. On the first day of school, I walked into my homeroom and saw a new face.

Usually, homeroom was with the same people every year, but apparently there was someone new to the school this year. He sat in his seat with a playful smile on his face as the girls in the room scooted closer to him trying to sneak in an introduction. I took a random seat in the back and eyed him over. I was usually not interested in guys, but this one was impossible not to notice. He was stunningly gorgeous. His blue eyes were so deep that they seemed to have a violet tint in them. His jet black hair wasn't like normal guys' thick and coarse hair. It was light and thin, and was stylishly cut to a perfect length. He was tall- maybe around five foot eleven or so, and he was perfectly toned and wonderfully tan. His lean and muscular physique was particularly attractive to me. It was a fairly rare body type in the twenty-first century. In modern times, the average alpha male suffered years of agony for a full body of bulging muscle. It wasn't odd anymore to see a hundred eighty pounds packed in a five foot five figure anymore. Those men looked like cubes--oversized moving boxes perhaps. This guy was natural.

"Hey! I'm Carol. What's your name?" A girl leaned over his desk and batted her eyelashes at him flirtatiously. Carol was a blond beauty. She was in the varsity cheerleading squad and had a large portion of the school's male population vying for her attentions.

"Maybe I'll let you find that out for yourself." He grinned at her and I saw the color rise to her cheeks in a very girlish blush. Oh boy. This guy was in for it. At this moment in time Carol was Lenny Stern's heart and soul. Lenny was part human and part empire state building. The massive football captain had a reputation for body slamming almost every guy who got close to his "girl(s)." That was what he called them. I never recalled any one of his "girl(s)" actually consenting to be his "girl." Anyhow, I was pretty upset, since chances were that by the end of the week, that gorgeous hunk of a guy would be painfully molded into a certain shape and size capable of fitting in a locker neatly.

Homeroom started and our teacher Mr. Whitley arranged our seats in alphabetical order. I never understood the point of arranging a homeroom so orderly. All the man had to do was take attendance. Knowing our names was not an issue. I stared at him, taking his new look into account. He had changed over the summer and I wasn't sure it was for the better. It seemed to me as if he had lost nearly half his hair he had last year which was, (I'm pretty sure) not of abundance in the first place. Every year he comes back intending to look bigger, badder, younger, and sexier than the last year, but from my observations thus far, all he had ever accomplished in his makeovers was looking older and balder than ever. Well, maybe the bigger part was true. The strange thing was that his ego never deflated. He was always bragging about his 'new looks' and I was pretty sure that he was going to start any moment now.

"I worked out this summer and I think I'm getting in shape now." I eyed him over. Indeed I did see a change in his physique. Last year he looked like a buffalo. This year he looked like a whale.

"I've even gained weight!" Uh…I thought getting in shape meant losing weight.

"Well you see, I found out, that muscle weighs more than fat so I think I'm building so crazy muscles here." Maybe he wasn't that ignorant. Maybe his muscles were just soft. Yeah right. I watched him lean on the corner of the desk and saw his so called "muscles" engulf the desk. His body was like a giant amoeba. I couldn't bear to watch anymore.

"Hey you in the back." He nodded his head at the new kid and I went through the horror of watching the multiple chins do a little dance.


"Are you new?"

"Have you seen me here before?" Dammnnn the boy had spunk.

"No. What is your name?"

"Ace." Ace? No way right? Ace was in Europe speaking fourty-seven different languages in twenty dialects each. Ace was a common name right? Right? …No. It wasn't. Ace was NOT a common name. Okay…so it's all coincidence.

"Last name?"

"Darling." Okay…So it was one of those super coincidences. Okay I couldn't fool myself any longer. Ace was back. The blue-violet eyes confirmed every suspicion I had. I didn't doubt that it was him, but I was curious of what he had become. He had almost every class with me, and from my ultimate deduction, I concluded that he had become an arrogant, stuck up, flirtatious, player. My sweet little childhood memories flew out of my mind immediately and I decided to approach him.

"Hey. You're Ace?"

"Yeah. Who are you?" Those words hit me quite hard. He had left as a stranger and apparently he was coming back as one too. I ignored his question.

"Do you have a twin brother?" He looked pretty surprised that I asked the question.

"Yeah… how do you know?" I ignored his question. Not exactly ignored, but more like, didn't hear it. The only thought that circulated my mind was that it really was him!

"Ace!! Do you remember me?"


"I'm Fienne Larson… we were kids together…"

"Sorry I don't remember…" Was he serious? We spent nearly nine years of our lives together in the same house and spent nearly all our time with each other. It was very difficult to believe that those years were so easily effaced from his memory. Maybe Cyan would remember.

"Is Cyan here too? Did he come back with you?"

"Oh, you know Cyan? Oh, so you really are met us before then!"

"I think I mentioned that."

"Well, sorry I don't think we were too well acquainted in the past." Could something have happened to him in Europe? Was there an accident?

"Let's start from the beginning then…" No! I don't want to start from the beginning! I screamed at him from within my mind. I wanted to resume our friendship from where we left off. Seeing Ace without a trace of my memory made me dubious that simply resuming was possible, but I continued to hold some hope that maybe tomorrow he'd wake up and remember everything. After all, I was still living in the Darling estate and I assumed that he and his brother would naturally reside there. If he still had memories of the estate, then it was very likely that he would still have memories of me. I went to AP History and saw that he was once again in my class. Apparently, he had changed his clothes sometime during the course of the day for some unknown reason. My seat was next to his so I tried to strike up a conversation. He was strangely silent.

"Well, if we are to start from the beginning, it won't do much good remaining silent would it?" He lifted a perfectly arched eyebrow. Most of the guys I knew had bushes as eyebrows and very often, it would be simply AN eyebrow. Despite its perfection, I highly doubted that he would have given up his masculine pride for beautiful eyebrows, and plus, it didn't look like he got them done either. As he sat there staring at me incredulously, I pondered the origin of his eyebrows. It must have made a bad impression on him because after ten seconds or so (maybe longer), he spoke up.

"Who the hell are you?" Wait a second…Did I not just introduce myself one period ago? Each period was only forty-five minutes long so either Ace had a horrible memory, or it wasn't him. I made a quick perusal of his physical appearance. It took me a while to process, but eventually I came to the ultimate deduction that the one in front of me was not Ace.

"You're Cyan aren't you?"


"Not at all." His voice was different from Ace's but even at the age of seventeen, the Darling twins maintained their identical physical characteristics: same lean and tall physique, same captivating eyes, same sensuous mouth, etc. I wasn't an OHMYGODILOVEGUYSTHATGUYISSOHOTIWANTTOSLEEPWITHHIM kind of girl, but I had enough estrogen and female hormones to understand that the twins were sexy (for lack of a better word.)

"Do you not remember me either?"

"I don't know. Tell me who you are first."

"Fienne Larson"

"Nope. Doesn't click." Something was definitely wrong. Maybe they decided to join their nefarious minds together and play an emotionally damaging prank on me as their "I'm back" greeting. If so, it was a bad prank, but it would be more encouraging than simply being forgotten. Or maybe I really had been wiped out of their memory. I shuddered. I really hoped that the latter wasn't the case.

After school, I walked back to the main Darling mansion. Mrs. Darling had offered to hire me a chauffeur like how the parents of the other students in our school usually did for their children, but I had refused. I was already struck with infinite gratitude towards her for helping me into the school. Although I was only a day-student, the tuition fee was higher than many colleges already. I had insisted on going to a simple public school, but Mrs. Darling had been adamant. She told me that the twins would be back in several years and when they were, she wanted me to attend the same school as them. Despite her thin and frail appearance, the mistress of the estate was no weak pushover. She was strong-willed, quick tempered, stubborn, and unimaginably strong especially for one so tiny.

When I walked through the front door, I was greeted by Sera my personal maid. Sera's position was another whim of Mrs. Darling (much to my disagreement), but Sera had over the years become somewhat of a confidant and a very dear friend.

"Welcome home Miss."

"Screw formalities Sera. What's up?"

"HOLYSHITTHETWINSCAMEHOMEWHATSHOULDIDO?" Okay so maybe formalities were a little better. I deciphered "twins" and "home" so I figured ingeniously that the twins were home.

"Breathe." I ordered. Sera was nineteen years old so I was able to get along with her quite well. She had completed high school, but was not able to go to college so she had sought employment instead. Mrs. Darling found her the perfect candidate for the position of my maid and brought her home one random sunny day.

"Where were they all these years? I feel as if my life is complete now."

"That's a little stretching it isn't it?"

"Goodness they're like… chocolate for the eyes." I winced. The expression evoked a painful childhood memory. When I was three or so, I had tried eating chocolate with my eyes when I heard that expression, and it wasn't a very pleasant experience. Being ninety-seven degrees outside, the chocolate melted within seconds and ended up spending nearly an hour trying to wash it out. Okay so I wasn't a genius child. I inherited my mother's not-so-bright brain and my father's I'll-work-twenty-times-harder-than-you attitude so I was able to get through school, but that not-so-bright brain of mine led me into countless life-threatening situations. It was like the time I heard my mother say that I was going to drive her off a roof. I thought, "Hey, if my mother is going to, I'd might as well do it too." So, I took my plastic tricycle and rode it off the roof. You know how people say "ride the flow"? Well, I rode gravity. I'm pretty sure I would have died if Ace and Cyan hadn't called the fire department to hold out a blanket for me.

"Fienne? You listening?" I snapped back to reality when Sera flicked my forhead.

"Oh yeah. Of course."




"Sera… 'he' is singular."

"Well whatever. I'm sooo jealous. If I could have been born like three years later, and could go to school with you guys, then oh my goddddddd I would like… be all… slutttttty." I laughed. Sera was a gorgeous girl who had made a lot of mistakes in her life. Throughout her high school years, she was captain of the cheerleading team and voted sexiest girl almost every year. Her only problem was that she spent all her time flirting and not enough time studying. In her senior year, she got involved with the wrong guy and certain circumstances took away her scholarship and nearly her life.

"Hey am I still hot? Do you think I'll have a chance?"

"You're beautiful Sera." Indeed she was beautiful. She had sleek golden blond hair that reached down to her midback, blue-green eyes with stunningly long eyelashes, beach tan, full lips, and the killer body—C-cup, tiny waist, and impossibly long legs. She was every guy's wet dream.

"So I have a chance right?"

"Of course."

"Let's go Fienne. I'll help you get changed, and then we can go greet them." Having been shot down so directly in school, I felt a little embarrassed to suddenly appear in front of them in their house. They'd probably think I was a stalker or something…that is, if they really didn't remember me. But then again, maybe if they saw me in their house, it would trigger their memory and we'd be like Dorothy and chums once again. They only problem was that I couldn't really imagining the two of them frolicking down the yellow brick road. The image was sort of….odd.

I put my backpack down in my room and stepped out of my school clothes and into a pair of spandex running shorts and a large t-shirt. Mrs. Darling didn't care a thing about how I dressed. In fact, she had adopted my habit and gladly exchanged her stiff skirts and blazers for large free t-shirts and spandex shorts when she was at home. I walked out of my room and into a wall. Wait a second…wall? When I took a step back and turned my eyes back to what was in front of me, I froze. Two enchanting pairs of blue-violet eyes bore into me.

Author's Note

Well I've ALWAYS wanted to write a story on twins and yea I know the rich sexy boy thing is really cliché, but this is romance. It's meant to be cliché. I'm a normal teenage girl and I'd honestly rather write about my fantasy than my anti-fantasy. Leave me alone. No wait. Don't do that. REVIEWWWWWWW. I'll try to get a chapter in every week. This is like… basically introducing the characters and the story will start to pick up . I really really hope you guys come to like Fienne and the Darling Twins 3.

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Fienne Larson grew up in the Darling Estate alongside the flawless Darling twins. After six years of separation, the twins are back in her life and sexier than ever. Only two problems still remain: One, they're not the sweet little boys they used to be, and two, they don't remember her anymore.