It's so hard to ask him to go out with me

Knowing that the word "no" was invented

But I'll walk beside him with renewed confidence

While his face remains impassive, as if I'm not there

And with a smirk on my face, I'll ask him out

Knowing quite well that he can't respond

His jaw drops so slightly, that nobody else saw

But for me, it's enough, and I walk away

Leaving him behind me with wide eyes

His head doesn't turn, but I feel his gaze

Upon my back, as I walk to my place

Now he'll go out and perform for the crowd

And I'll applaud with relish at every pause

And when he's allowed to approach me

I'll smile to myself, no longer afraid

No regrets, no looking back

What's done is done, it's in the past

But even better than finally getting the nerve

After months of waiting, to ask him out

Was his answer, as he greeted me with a hug

For never before has "yes" sounded so good