Lady Glass

A girl who was too young
To know what to do
Came to her friend
And with him left you

She would not come home
For the rest of her life
She would find her true love
And would not set things right

So now you are here
With that sad girl's one friend
And you sit and you think
Of how all it will end

You are just six years old
And you don't like what you're told
And while you watch the rain fall
You think of it all

"What if," you seem to think,
"What if it was not just that blink –
That pause in her life
That she would not set right,
But her life spent with him
No, it was not just a whim."

You are taught not to blame
But we all do, just the same

Author's Note: This is actually a school assignment. We were supposed to write something using only one-syllable words. I was just writing a short story but then I realized a few lines later I was rhyming so I decided to write a poem instead. This is also lightly based on Coco, one of my short stories on this website, if anyone is interested. Anyway, I have to turn this in on Monday so tell me how you like it!

Much love and big kisses,