Every day, hot and cold, hot and cold.

She's not sure what to do anymore, what to feel. How is she supposed to know?

None of it was ever meant to happen. But then, you never expect these things to happen to you.

Every time he looks her way, every smile that graces his features, a tingle up her spine. I'm so pathetic.

The classroom slowly empties, the last of their friends filtering out, I'll see you later, and their teacher packing up, eager to leave the room of nightmares.

Her eyes lock with his. There it is, another tingle, heart stopping for just a second.

He holds out his hand to her, and she takes it, folder resting on her hip and leaving a classroom has never felt so beautiful and precious.

Flash to another time, another place, but the same two souls.

Her hair whips at her face, her arms folded tightly around herself. She can see him standing, one metre, maybe two, but she just wants to be near him.

But he doesn't see her, doesn't notice her.

And she can feel her heart crumble. Clich├ęd heartbreak.

Flash again.

His laugh is glorious, and she can't help but laugh with him.

They're lying down, side by side, fingers entwined.

The sky up above is blue, clear and cloudless. Nothing but blue. The grass beneath them is itch against her ankle, but the smell of a freshly mowed lawn is always welcome.

Sounds around them begin to fade out, the rest of the world beginning to blur at the edges.

This is what I love about us. This is what it's supposed to be.

And just one more. It's really short.


His lips on hers, her lips on his, two souls fusing into one whole being.

Is it possible to die from a kiss? My heart is jumping around.

And then it's over. Life returns to normal and he is gone.

Flash. Back to now.

She's not sure what to do anymore, what to feel. How is she supposed to know?

Hey guys. Sorry about the lack of updates with LTOMM and the "never quite getting off the ground" for WiREd... Had a lot going on lately, by way of personal life, and school... But holidays are in three weeks, so we'll see how I go then, ok?

Started writing this for an English assessment, but started getting too close for comfort...

It's a little bit me, a little bit made up. Make what you will.

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