She looked up as he turned and watched him leave. All of his promises were nothing. All of his words were words and nothing more. And the years that they had behind them, the ring on her finger, they were nothing. She slipped it off her finger feeling with the passing of each knuckle a pain in her heart. The tears began to leave her eyes and the ragged breaths turned into sobs and back to ragged breaths again.

If she only knew how loved she was.

She took the razor to her hips once again. At least she could control that pain. At least no one could hurt her there but herself. And even if anyone knew? It wouldn't matter. They didn't care anyway. They'd probably only laugh and say it all again—everything she'd been hearing since she started high school. Maybe some day she would move from her hips to her wrists. She wasn't quite that desperate yet.

If she only knew how valuable she was.

She cried silently, knowing that her screams would make it worse. Daddy said that if Mommy ever found out he would send her away. Mommy wouldn't love her anymore. No one would love her anymore. But Daddy said he loved her. He said he was the only one. And he loved her so much. This just showed how much he loved her. How much. But if this was love, then what was hate?

If she only knew how precious she was.

She left the note on her roommate's desk. She would be gone all night and wouldn't get it until late into tomorrow afternoon. By then it would be too late. But, at least someone would know. She opened up the cabinet and took all the bottles. She checked the labels, making sure that she didn't have anything that would cause her to throw it all up. Slowly, she unzipped her purse and placed them inside. She walked out the door shutting it behind her sticking her key in the lock for the last time.

If she only knew how beautiful she was.

And they each have a story. Each of the millions her own pain her own heartbreak her own suffering. Each wondering if they are even worth it anymore. And they are. They are worth it. They are loved. They are valuable. They are precious. They are beautiful.