Reading the prayer book

Mumbling the words

Not paying attention

To anything you say

Who cares what you're asking

Who knows what you're uttering

You just want to get it over

So you can move on with your life

Never really known

What's in the little blue book

That every service you pick up

You flip through the pages

Randomly looking

While mumbling the prayers

You learnt as a child

By no means ever thought

What the words might actually suggest

Who's ever searched though the lines

Trying to find the significance of it all

So now what am I writing?

What's the point?

To tell the world their mistake

I think not

Am I probing in my heart and soul

Trying to find the answers to my questions

What am I doing?

I'll never make a difference

Am I worried what will happen

If I don't pay attention to these prayers
Perhaps that's the reason

Maybe I'm filled with fear

Who knows the cause

For this long rambling

For this nonsense and weirdness

Am I crying out to above?

Am I begging forgiveness?

Am I doing that?