Earthquake in my dreams

The cracks can be seen

Within the white lies

That we know as dreams

And the botox induced smiles

You are the lightening

From Zeus's bare hands

To only strike me

Where no one else can

Listen to my heart beat

As it slowly breaks out loud

The demons from our parting

Are screaming louder now

Listen to the sound

As the cracks deepen

Where no end can be found

And the arteriole walls weaken

The whispering voice

Caught between my pillow

Fill an empty void

And a make believe world

Where the hurt is but a mystery

But the cold edge steel

Will always find reality

A different kind of pain to feel

Let love fall from my eyes

And in darkness it will shine

In crystal tears disguise

To think that happiness is mine

Such a flimsy veil

Just waiting to shatter

Shove of a blunt nail

To reach the heart of the matter

Waiting for the fatal blow

Because it's too hard to forget

Easier to let go

Bless me a tourniquet.

Trapped in something morbid

Open the flesh, a new release

The Last adventure under the skin

Before finally laying down in peace