Chapter ONE

I guess some people are just plain out lucky. They know their place in life. They fit in. They know what they need to know to do and be whatever they are supposed to do or be. Some people are just lucky.

I was never one of such people.

The Odd One Out. That's what most people called me. Not a looker. Not a genius. Not a particularly talented one. To top it off, I was small and slight, so it wasn't like there was much of me to begin with.

So that was me, Hazel Ferraz, Odd One Out extraordinaire.

On the good days I took pride in my oddness, like I would say "I'm the oddest, weirdest, most freakish person in the world! Yay for me!" That was one the good days. On the bad ones, I cured up in my closet and tried to think I was somewhere else. Anywhere else.

It's funny how fate has a way of taking care of itself. How when you need it the most, things change.

That day, the day it all started, it had been a particularly sucky one. The highlight of it had been when –on my way to the bathroom – I stubbed my toe against the foot of the bed. And then, it all went down hill. I got shampoo in my eyes, my school uniform was impressively wrinkled, my pop-tart burned and I had to endure a lecture from my mother and sister about how I couldn't just 'roll out of bed each morning and slouch to school as if it was community service and no one was going to care what clothes you have on.'

I hate when they are in town.

But, whatever.

All in all, I always said that life can always be worst.

Anyway, as I said that day had been bad so, after school, I decided to do some chocolate hunting. I was broke, as usual given the fact that my allowance had been confiscated because I owed my parents a bunch of money since I always busted any piece of electronic equipment I came close to. For as long as I can remember, my hands always shot out these little lighting bolts whenever I come close to anything metallic or electronic. Sometimes, when I'm scared or angry or very excited, the little light bolts get a little out of control and, next thing you know, I've blown up the TV.

In the face of my perpetual state of bankruptcy I learned different ways to get candy for free. Like going to this candy store mom is a regular costumer of and ask what candy they are sampling that day and stuff like that. It worked more or less fine… especially when I was in the crimson wave and CRAVING for chocolate.

That day –the one where my story begins - they were sampling white chocolate balls that had cocoa-butter goodness inside. I was holding my little chocolate ball in my hand, holding off for as long as I could, when I first noticed them.

Both of them were fairly tall – even when everyone seems tall to me given that I'm only 5' 3''. One –the tallest one- had white-blond hair and the other auburn hair cut really short. And they both were following me. I caught the eye of the red-haired one –his eyes were of a stormy blue – and it gave me chills, so I began to walk faster thinking I could lose them once I got to the mall.

Then it started to rain in a torrential downpour falling to the ground in steady sheets of water, making the pavement shine like silver. The water made impossible to hear or see much, so I walked to the front steps of a building and flattened myself against the closed door, seeking shelter from the rain.

Lighting struck the sky. And I had the odd feeling that the world had just shifted.

As suddenly as it had begun, the rain stopped. "Coolies" I said to myself and began to walk down the building's steps.

I noticed two things at once: 1) the street was completely and utterly empty, and 2) Two guys were fighting in the middle of the street. They were fighting with these sort of light sables. Really, like it was Yoda against Count Dooku or something. I recognized one of the fighters; it was the red-haired guy I had thought was following me. The guy Radish-y-head was fighting with was dark haired. Standing near by was the Blondie-whity, standing still at strict attention, watching silently as the fight developed.

No one had noticed me, so I chose to remain hidden. One thing I know how to do and that's how to be invisible.

Now, see, the thing about being invisible is that, even when other people can't see you, you can see them… and see them quite clearly. Perhaps more clearly than others because they don't know you're there.

There was another guy there, standing in the shadows. He was one sneaky fellow, let me tell you. He said something I couldn't hear but I saw his lips move and, not as second later, this big, read flame – like a dragon's flare – shot out, aiming for Blondie-Whity… and he was obvious.

I almost didn't have time to yell "Look out".

Blondie-Whity jumped, startled, avoiding the flame shot in his direction but just barely. There was a heavy silence and then four pairs of eyes were staring at me as if I had just grown an extra head.

The dark haired guy who had been fighting gave me a feral smile and, before I know it, a red flame – not unlike the one shoot to Blondie-whity – was speeding in my direction.

Radish-y-head shouted "Run, damn you!" But I was way too scared to move, let alone run. So all I did was throw my arms around my head – trying to shield myself, and wait.

Bright, bright light shone then. I dimly recognized it as something like the flash of light I always saw whenever I was about to bust the TV or whatever; only that this light was a hundred times brighter and it was followed by a thundering noise as the red flame hit against the shield of light.

For a moment I couldn't' feel a thing. Then everything began to ache at once. I closed my eyes and let the world go dark around me.


"Hazelnut, "I said, my voice sounded hoarse. "Hazelnut, I just had the weirdest dream of them all. This is the last time we have an anime-fest and eat Chinese food all night long."

My eyes were still closed, I waited for my pet squirrel to come running over me and playfully tickle me with his tail. "Hazelnut?" I inquired, perplexed when he didn'tcome.

I pried my eyes open when I felt something settling over my chest. I blinked once. Twice. Indeed there was a big serpent over my chest, and it was staring at me with unnerving yellow eyes. I drew in a deep breath and proceeded to shriek my head off.

"Oh, dear!" A white blond haired guy yelled, barreling into the room and taking the snake away from me. "You scared her!" He said worriedly and began to cuddle the snake in his arms and talk to her as if it were a treasured child. For such a big guy, he had a weak spot for his snake.

"Right," Came a voice from the now open doorway. "Because boas are such helpless little creatures of the Lord."

"She's very sweet and friendly." The guy said.

"Josh! It's a boa. B-O-A. You can't leave her lose around the house to scare the crap out of people."

"Rebe, Dicey would never harm anyone."

"Just scare them to death."

As I watched Rebe and Josh fight, I noticed that he seemed familiar. Then I remembered… so it hadn't been a dream. I buried my face in my hands. "Not even Hazelnut is going to believe this." I thought and apparently said it out loud too since both Rebe and Josh asked at the same time "Who's Hazelnut?"

"My pet squirrel." I answered. I could see Rebe now, she had this really long –down to her waist – black hair and green eyes. I guessed we were within an inch of each other's heights. And she seemed friendly enough when she sat down next to me and said:

"A squirrel? Aren't those little devils sweet?"

"Uh, yeah, they are." I answered and added. "Um… Where the hell am I?"

I think Rebe was about to answer but then I got the feeling someone was looking at me, so I looked away from Rebe and into the general direction of the doorway.

Standing there was the other guy, Radish-y-Head. Only that in the semidarkness of the room his hair looked morebrown than red

I was wondering who he was when Rebe said "Greg! You're back."

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