so we were inhomogeneous, oil and water
and we floated

nosotros tocamos las mismas cosas
y cambiamos.

Hazy words as we evaporated;
our hand movements waving away mirages.
You said, like a prophet,
"You are the voice that dreams out loud.
Porque naranjas nunca han sabido mas dulce."

Never is a promise.

I absorbed your everything
—chico español con los ojos imposibles, verdes—
we were a mixture.

I said, like a child, "¿dónde estás?"
y tú tocaste mi corazón con un dedo y me dijo
"no estamos en el mundo."

When we are gone, all that's left is
a film of crystals.
We were never different.

Nunca es una promesa.


A/N: Lo siento si yo escribí el español incorrecto, estoy aprendiendo. Solamente hablo inglés. Por favor, corrija mis errores. Por favor, por favor, por favor.

Yeah, I don't speak Spanish well, so I'm sure I've screwed the grammar over, but I thought it'd be fun to give it a try. If you speak Spanish better than I do, which is likely, please correct what I've said wrong. Please, please, please.

All-English version posted as chapter 2.

Thanks to everyone who has already written in to correct my language inabilities.

Special thanks to aurora llyria (by the way, I'm not currently in Spanish classes. I switched to French this year for a bit of variety. But it's easier to say in present tense that I'm learning.), I changed some things to fit your suggestions. The line about oranges I actually asked how to say from a friend who speaks Spanish and English fluently. What she gave me is the literal translation, which seems to work by my understanding of the language. (Sabido from sabor, I think, meaning flavour.) You're right about the ojos verdes (I just hadn't caught that little mistake), and the upside down question mark (I simply hadn't got round to updating this version with it), and several other people have also mentioned the mismas cosas one, which defies my knowledge of the way nouns and adjectives interact, but may be one of those silly rule-breakers. It sounds better your way, anyway. Muchas gracias!!