so we were inhomogeneous, oil and water
and we floated

we touched the same things
and changed.

Hazy words as we evaporated;
our hand movements waving away mirages.
You said, like a prophet,
"You are the voice that dreams out loud.
Because oranges never tasted so sweet."

Never is a promise.

I absorbed your everything
Spanish boy with the impossible eyes, green
we were a mixture.

I said, like a child, "where are you?"
and you touched my heart with a finger and said to me
"we are not in the world."

When we are gone, all that's left is
a film of crystals.
We were never different.

Never is a promise.


A/N: For all of you who are Spanish illiterate, this is the English-only version. Lines originally in Spanish are here printed in italics.