How can I use words to say

How it feels to let you slip away

My lips feel your smiles, my eyes cry your tears

I understand your silences and know all your fears

I wish you could give me all your pain

I'd push you into the sunlight while I stand in the rain

You have a part of me nothing can replace

I need your love, your touch, your taste

I can't remember to forget about you

You're in everything I am and everything I do

Memories of you make me insane

Into emptiness, I cry out your name

We're together in the same dream

But you can't see me or hear me scream

I try so hard to keep holding on

Though I know you're already gone

Something broken breaks again

I can't make a beginning out of an end

So I bottle up my love for you and toss it in the sea

Knowing you won't find it and bring it back to me