someone call an ambulance, she's cut her throat again
the scars are building up on her back
thick, angry red to spiderleg-thin white
and get the poison control center on the line
'cause the sharpie she used for dramatic effect
is sure to seep into gashes and give her blue lips
and faded lips - but don't worry,
she'll weather through
just like she has the last 29 times

someone contact the loser 'cause she's looking lonely
we've got an image to maintain and smiles to pass around
be sure to grab the ones in the right cupboard
the other's got painted on wrong
and make sure to pick up the sweet girl on the next block
she's never been to a real party before
and we don't know her - but don't worry,
she'll be great
the rumor is that she's a pro

someone call an ambulance, she's supposed to be moving
those tear tracks on her face must go
but our hankerchiefs are already soaked in blood
and get the funeral home on the line
we'll need a casket made of lead for that special touch
and banquets of yellow dandelions because she used to smash them
'cause she hated yellow - but don't worry
she's supposed to weather through
just like she used to