Author's notes- This is Slash, that means Boy x Boy, if you're offended by that, I wouldn't read this story.

I finished writing this yesterday, but I wanted to post it today, because this is my 16th birthday and I thought it would be nice putting it on now.

Enjoy everybody!

White Lilies

"…um- I… I love you."

"I …thought you would never say."

"-What? Y-you mean?"

"Yes, I love you too, really."

He had never seen so many sirens before, blue sirens, whizzing round and round, churning out their high-pitched mourning cries, deafening all that stood near them. Shouts bounced off each other and terrible screams echoed over and over, truly, this was an utter state of chaos.

It had just… happened too quickly for anyone to react.

One minute, they were exiting the nightclub together, the loud music vibrating their bodies, fingers entwined, smiling. They had reached the busy road, the long-gone music still pumping round their veins, intoxicating them.

And then- And then-

Samuel stood in the midst of the flashing lights and horrified screams, his hand still felt warm and sweaty from his boyfriend's grip, his boyfriend, who had been crushed by the massive speeding lorry. 'He's… Gone…' thought Samuel, staring into the distance, his eyes glazed with shock.

Men and women in blue rushed around aimlessly, paramedics carrying a stretcher into the ambulance with an air of controlled panic. Several shouts ensued from inside, before the vehicle sped away, leaving Samuel standing there in the darkness.

He lifted his shaking hand and looked deeply at it, "George…" He whispered.


The phone rang and rang, Samuel was beginning to think she would never pick up, but at last, a juddering voice laced with sobs answered.


"Um, Hi Mrs Baker…" Samuel said nervously.

"S-Sam, is that… is that you?"

"Yes… Uh… Is George alright? Did they take him to the hospital?"

A long silence rang over the phone line, before the sobbing voice answered, "He's… He's dead Sam."

The phone clattered to the floor in a cacophony of anguish and despair.


His throat felt sore and itchy, so sore that it was hard to talk; it felt as though someone had stuck a plug in it. He'd heard there were supposed to be sandwiches after the funeral, but he didn't feel like he could eat anything right now, it would all get jammed in his throat; Stuck fast by the plug in it.

It was a foggy moist day, it wasn't raining, but there was a kind of wetness in the air. Samuel watched the quiet minister uttering his words of sorrow for George's death, as they lowered the coffin into the ground. He heard a shuddering sob from near him and saw Mrs Baker- George's mother break into tears. Her agony was understandable, George was her only son, and her husband left her several years ago, for someone younger and better looking. Now she had no one left, 11:03, that's the time she was told, the time when her son was hit. The time in which she lost all her family.

He saw his own parents standing at the back with emotionless faces, but he feels their inward smug smiles, he knows that they are glad George is gone. They never did approve of their son having a boyfriend.

He remembers the time when he told them about George, he had only been thirteen then, they were so shocked. His mother had flown into a rage and had slapped him, and his father just disappointedly shook his head, they had never been very close after that.

It wasn't very surprising though.

Samuel was suddenly aware the minister was talking to him, "S-Sorry," He croaked, "What did you say?"

The minister looked nervous, "…I wondered if you'd like to say something, you are after all, George's… Uh- Partner."

Not particularly unnerved by the minister's obvious distaste for Samuel's orientation, he nodded, feeling that he had to say something.

He noticed everyone was looking at him.

Voice cracking, Samuel began to speak, "I…George was a good person, he was funny and always nice to people…" He paused, his lips dry, "I… I love him very much… we've been going out for two years now… It doesn't seem enough… Now that's he's… now that he's – Dead-" On this word, he stopped, as if this was his first realization, "He's… dead…" Samuel whispered again, "I'll never… I'll never see him again, touch him, smell his scent, I- I'll… never be held in his arms again…" Samuel's body was racked with furious sobs, "Oh, oh god- oh god no!" He fell to the ground, crying harder, "It's- it's all my fault! I- I wanted… to buy him … his favourite, his favourite flowers!" His words stumbled into grief and he cried, unable to speak any more.

The crowd look piously at the despairing boy, and his mother patted his shoulder, "There, there Sam. You'll get over it."


A dozen white lilies, that's what he asked for, from the man near the curb who always put up a small stall on weekend evenings, trying to catch young men on the way home from work, for something to gives their girlfriends and wives.

Samuel had always doubted that setting up shop here was legal, but you didn't seem to be able to do anything right these days anyway, so it didn't really matter.

The man had wrapped the paper round the flowers and had asked Samuel whether they were for his girlfriend. With a strange look in his eyes, he had simply smiled.

Within a few minutes, he had reached the part of the road where George had been hit. There was no sign of it at all however; everything had been cleared up. Everything carried on as normal, the road was just as busy as it was on that night, nothing had changed, and everything carried on as normal. Except- there was no George.

Samuel looked down to the flowers he was holding with irony, George had died because of these, if Samuel had never promised him white lilies that night, they never would have crossed the road, George never would have tripped, and that lorry never would have hit him, Samuel never would have lost the most important person in his life that night.

In a few seconds, everything had been erased.

How quickly one can lose absolutely everything, just one moment- and it's gone.

It seemed so much simpler to blame the flowers.

It did seem proper however, to deliver the lilies, he did promise after all. Standing by the edge of the road, he looked at his watch.


He grinned, realizing it was time. He stepped off the sidewalk and strode forward, clutching the bouquet of beautiful crisp lilies to his chest.

White lilies… the sign of a pure bride.

Samuel walked the aisle, the scent of his lover engulfing his senses; he calmly closed his eyes, his lips melting into a smile of peace.

Headlights shone and cars screeched, as crimson lilies rolled over the tarmac.

"Welcome home, Sam."