A boy came to my school today
He'd moved down from up north
They put him in my english class
And he ended up next to me
His face was twisted, his nose was long
He walked with a funny, loping limp
An uglier boy I'd yet to see
Why'd they put him next to me?
The next day someone punched him
Said he'd insulted their eyes
Same day he lumbered into me
I told him to push off
I heard another rumour
bout ugly boy next to me
Said his mother was a troll
His dad died from one look
Next week he'd moved places
Was to stupid to stay next to me
They say he's got mushed brain cells
Couldn't do well at school
He'd changed since his first day
Couldn't walk with head held high
Crept from class to class to class
Hiding from bullies like me
It was such fun to tease him
Someone who couldn't fight back
An ugly, loping reject
Sad eyes just staring back
One day a gang of us decided
To follow him home from school
We cornered him in the park grounds
He never stood a chance
When he began to weep they left
I stayed to watch the show
When a feeling tugged a heartstring
And I realised what I'd done
I'm sorry,' I mouthed towards him
Though I knew he couldn't hear
Ashamed I made for my home
That's when he started to sing
He voice hit me like a tidal wave
The soft melodic song
It washed away my anxiousness
And I turned right back to him
The ugly boy in front there
Was the ugliest boy I'd seen
But the ugliness didn't matter
He sounded beautiful when he sang.