Some More Thoughts

I'm looking at the moon from my land

With all this smoke it looks really bland

So I'll go outside with my lips on fire

Maybe if I'm lucky I'll get run over by a tyre

Where did that come from?


Well it'll take me a minute to cool my head

So I'll put it in a bucket of water instead

People may look and say I have no face

I'll just go away to another place

Maybe they'll shut up


I've got my guitar; I've got my woman

Maybe I'll do something I really shouldn't

She'll only berate my mind

Hoping that there's something better to find

She better hope lots


Well lots of people move on with their life

Get themselves a job and get themselves a wife

But I like to just do my thing

Maybe one day I'll learn how to sing

But the again, perhaps not

I've managed so far


Later on I may look the same

But I may also have someone to blame

It'll be the strange little man

Who's living in a little plastic can

It keeps the rain off

It's why I want it


I think that later on

I'll meet someone who may be blonde

And I'll ask how that really feels

And if they like to eat raw eels

Cause I do too

Oh yes I do


Sex can be funny if you're with a clown

Especially if it's making you feel down

The clown may sit and the clown may laugh

While we're having I nice clean game of drafts

I hope I win

I don't want to be put in a bin


Maybe if that woman calls me up

I won't have to stare at her butt

Last time I tried a stunt like that

She turned around and hit me with a cricket bat

How did she know?

She was looking the other way

She doesn't have eyes in the back of her head


There are many people working today

Especially the hobos who put things on trays

I hope one day the hobos rise

And they stare Tony Blair right in the eyes

He'll be scared all right

Might have to put clothes peg on his nose though


There's nothing I've ever wanted to see that's rude

Except Keira Knightly in the nude

That'll make her look human a bit

I just hope that I don't get hit

But it'll be worth it

She looks good naked

Or at least I think so

I don't know

Who cares?

It's only skin