A Crocodile Hunter Tribute

By: Negasi

Author's Note: I used to watch Steve ALL the time, every episode when I was younger. But then I grew older and watched it less and less until I ended up not watching it for a long time. Well the last time I thought about him was in drama class in grade eight when I acted like he would because we had to act out like someone. But Steve Irwin was one of my idol's and well I'm sure I'll write many a piece about him. His death struck me very hard, and annihalated my writer's block. Well here we go.

It must of been your time to go
As all the people line up row after row
A sadness fills the gloomy sky
We've lost our favourite croc guy

Steve you were our favourite
Fighting off the mean crocs
Putting them in better places
Putting grins on all our faces

"Crikey" you would say
We thought you would be hear to stay
Longer but the sea took you
Too a place I hear is better

Maybe heaven needs help
Maybe crocodiles have infested
Maybe Steve just maybe
You are being tested

But either way you left us
Now as I write with grief
Why oh why did you get killed
By the stingray's reef?