A/N: Hi so this is the author of the story that you are about to read. I am a 13 year old girl who likes a lot of stuff but you'll see that below. I want everyone to know that I was really tired when writing this and I was on sugar at the time. I LOVE SUGAR! I think I'll write a poem about sugar.

Roses are red

Violets are mauve

I like sugar

And cake and caffeine and cotton candy and boys and chocolate and anime and Prozac and randomness and!!!

Oh, speaking of penguins, I like them. Want to here a story about penguins? Well your going to or I'll break your & leg! So anyway about penguins, there once was a cute, genderless penguin and his name was Yakasomitsu which, sounds like a name that an anime character would have. You know what's cool about anime? Neither do I, but I'll tell you the secret to drawing it. That's not an OFFER, you $&#$! I'm going to tell you how to $ draw #$&& ANIME! $#&!!!

So anyway, here's how to draw it:

1) Draw a near perfectly proportional teenage boy or girl, However they must have a Bowflex Body.

2) Once that is done you have to draw the face. It's easy and if you've already done it, TOO $& BAD!! ERASE the $## &#$ THING and START OVER!!!

3) K!, now first we'll make the eyes! All you do with the eyes is draw 2 big circles and each one should be about 1/3 the size of the head! Then put a parenthesis over the top and one under the bottom of each eye. Don't worry about pupils. I said, "DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE &&#$ PUPILS!!" Anime characters DON'T NEED $#& PUPILS, ##$ IT!!

4) Happy Bunny is awesome!!

Do you like Happy Bunny, cuz I do! She's unbearably cute and blatantly sexist at the same time! You should like her, cuz I $## do!!


Now, on to the story!

There was once a castle ruled by various kinds of wild animals. They never ate each other as ecologically correct as that would have been but instead lived in happy harmony, one day, the whole land was covered in darkness by a big evil cloud named 'Big Evil Cloud.'


OMG!!! My parents are so &&#$ annoying!! I wish they'd &$#& stay &$#& out of my $#&& room and my #$& life and my &$# world!!! $#& &## PARENTS $## && #$!!! # mom #&$ dad &#$$# # #$# weasels!!! $##&$#&$$##$$&$#!!!


What was I talking about? Oh yeah and all the animals joined forces and defeated Big Evil Cloud with their combined Super Deadly Death Ray of Death and they all lived happily ever after and I like run on sentences, comma splices are cool to!

The End.

A/N: So… I hope you liked my story. Please R&R, k? And don't be to cruel cuz I was on sugar at the time and I was tired and I generally have no grasp of grammar or plots, I hate grammar cuz it makes stuff boring. Oh yeah and I am bad at summaries. I am so bad at summaries that once someone said to me "hey your bad at summaries. What are you like summary-tarded?" And then they laughed and made fun of me and I had to go to a psychologist who was actually a monkey.

#$& weasels!