there is a ghost in my room tonight.
i wake
face-to-face with darkness
in my deluded state
i feel him
the Peroxide God
the king without a crown
the visionary
a rockstar long dead
a successful suicide
i guess
he stands over there
between his likeness and
a mirror
wringing his hands
he is somehow
more afraid
than i.
after being revealed
after so long
so many tears
and hearts broken
a fear can be
i guess
he is gone?
"alive in our hearts"
you would be told
but no, if he is
who is this
standing by the door
in my bedroom
where hearts have broken
and tears have fallen
(mine in particular)
and dreams were made
and crushed?
who is this? is it really
just me?
& suddenly i see
he lives in me?