Without you

As I walk past

I glance at you

And every memory of us,

Comes back to my mind once again

As you walk past

You don't look at me

And you forget

Every memory of us once again

It's amazing

How I remember every day we spent together

How I never used to miss you this much

How I blame God for what happened

I can remember everything

Where we met

What you were wearing

How you smelled

What we did

I only used to miss you a little

Then a little more

Now, everyday

I used to be fine with you being gone

Then I blamed myself for changing

Then I blamed you for leaving

And now, I blame God for it all

Sometimes when I see you

I think about talking to you

And asking you for things,

Even though I quit with a promise

And sometimes

I start walking towards you

And I quick change my mind

Even though I miss you

Each day when I see your picture

I want someone to kill me

Because sometimes, I'd rather take the pain of death

Than the pain of memories

And each time I see you

I hate myself

Because I miss you.

And because I'm this way now

You're gone forever

I hate that you're gone

I hate that I let you leave

I hate that you left

I hate that we met

Because now I cry alone

Because I miss you

When I know your not coming back

And since you're not coming back,

And I know it,

I'm gonna miss you to madness

Still alone,

And without you