­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Property of the Black-market is Online

Property of the Black-market says:

Hi, I got your message... You sounded kinda upset? You look upset to… what's wrong?

Breaking free says:

Yeh sorry about that but yeh anyway my friends practically disowned me they like blamed all of their problems on me and now I feel horrible. I have other friends but they aren't here and I just needed to talk to someone.

Property of the Black-market says:

That's horrible. Glad I'm here….. Hope you feel better soon

Breaking free says

I'm sure I will..

Property of the Black-market says:

So are we still on for meeting behind the library after school?

Breaking free says

Lol. Yeh but you make it sound so naughty :p

Property of the Black-market says:

Who says it isn't going to be? Lol jk

Breaking free says

Lol shifty eyes lol

Property of the Black-market says:


Breaking free says

So anyway what time are we going to meet because I never got your reply

Property of the Black-market says:

Why not?

Breaking free says

Stupid study teacher took my phone off of me. I swear your going to be a bad influence

Property of the Black-market says:

Lol yeh maybe. I'll meet you their at around 3:30.. most people have gone home by then

Breaking free says

Lol ok… you going to wearing that when you come?

Property of the Black-market says:

Lol. Do you want me to :p lol

Breaking free says

I don't mind…. So anyway…. Thanks for listening to my problems

Property of the Black-market says:

You make it sound like you're a mental patient. Lol

Breaking free says

Who says I'm not lol :p jk

Property of the Black-market says:

Lol ok well I better go I have to show up to p.e now… the bell just rang.

Property of the Black-market says:

Bye mwah

Property of the Black-market is Offline

James looked outside only to see all the kids rushing of to class resembling small herds of cattle. While he was still looking he felt David brush past his back which made him tingle all over and then with a wink David was out the door.

­­­­­­­­­­A.N... Please review… there is a big twist here

James walked home from the train station because he didn't feel like dealing with all the kids on the bus….. He thought to himself I have to get my license and soon. When he finished crossing the intersection a car pulled up next to him and he heard a young, masculine voice say to question his presence.

"Isn't this neighborhood a bit too dangerous for a cute little thing like you?"

James turned around expecting some feral obviously attempting to harass him because he still had his school uniform on. Turning around and not looking he began to spurt out the classic…

"My mum told me never to talk to stra……"

"Strangers? Yeh I know which is why I am here"

James felt his checks begin to become red and burn. David gave him a huge smile and a wink.

"Err... Hi?" said James

"Hello… wants a lift?" asked David

"Ok as….. long as this isn't one of those cruise patrol cars" retorted James

"Can't make any promises" joked David

James got into the car and waited to David to begin to drive. He put on his seat belt and turned around. He saw David stare directly into his eyes. They stood their staring into each others eyes and then with a honk and a screech a truck hit the tail on David's car and sent them into a spin. With the panic in each others eyes they stared at each other in a gaze which could be summed up in one word… love... and then with that they were knocked of a hill and the car flipped over and began to spin under them in a spin pieces of paper and laptop bags flew around and James's Eyes made a final Plea With David not to die as he felt his eyes close and drift into the dulling pain of unconsciousness

James opens up his eyes slowly as the blinding sunlight comes into view and with a groan someone in the corner stirs and come to his bedside to see him.

When his eyes finally adjust James sees David standing over the top of him nothing seem to be wrong with him.

"Hi?" questioned James

"Bonjour" replied David and with a smirk he helped James sit up on his bed.

James felt his head suddenly burst into a splitting head ache and he reached to grab his head only to feel bandages wrapped around his head.

"That laptop of yours did some pretty bad damage. It hit you on the head and then knocked you into a coma which you have only just woken up from" explained David with a sad smile and I wet glitter in his eyes

"I'm sorry" pleaded David "it was my fault! I tried to explain it to your parent but they wouldn't listen to me,"

James knew exactly what they were talking about. His parents were partly religious and he hadn't told them the full story about himself and obviously David had which probably caused a huge outburst.

"It's ok, I understand. Even thought I hardly know you I fell like I have known you for an eternity." Comforted James "so how long have I been in a coma?"

"2 months" replied James

"You have been coming to visit me for 2 months?" questioned James

"Yes and no" said David "I have been in the hospital as well. Except for I had to go to the burns unit, see after you blacked out the car flipped and we were both trapped and then I fainted. Well apparently when we were finally both pulled out of the car all that time I had hot oil dripping all over my back"

David hung his head as he let out a gasp and a tear began to cry. Then James noticed that his chest did seem a little flatter then what it looked like before. Then he looked and scanned David from head to toe, noticing that from his neck to his waist he was coated in bandages.

"O god!! You poor thing" rasped James and he pulled David closer to him by his arms and there lips met. Quickly, quietly and perfectly.

The next few days James didn't see David at the hospital and James was beginning to worry. He had to stay in the hospital because they wanted to keep him there for a little while for observation .Maybe he had been discharged?

Just as he was thinking that the man on his mind walked through the door looking more radiant than he has ever looked before.

"Good Morning sunshine" cheered David

"Well aren't you just a ball of joy today?"

"Sure am, want to know why?"


"Everyone knows"

"Knows what?"

"My Secret"

James chuckles and knows exactly what he was now talking about.

"How did they take it?"

"My parents were fine with it. They asked me about you to."

"What? Why me?"

"hmmm let me think. 1. I had a crash in a car with a mysterious guy who they have never heard of before and 2. I told them my secret"

"So who did you say I was?"

"The man of my dreams" repeats David with a sly grin on his face.

"Don't be silly" repeated James with a grin on his face

"You don't want me. I'm a nut who is now wrapped in bandages"

"I like nuts, especially cashews" with a grin on his face.

"So what? Is that like going to be my pet name now?" said James with a huge grin on his face.

"Only if you want it to be, Cashew" retorted David and with that James gave David a huge smile showing of his naturally straight pearly whites.

"So what about your friends? How did they take it?" queered James hoping for the best only to be greeted with the worst news. A smile was wiped from David's face and was replaced with a sad, depressing look. James didn't even need an answer; he knew exactly what would have happened.

"It's ok. I have news to cheer you up today" said James

"What's that?" asked David excitingly

"He is going home today." Said a deep, authority sounding figure. David turned around only to see James's dad standing 2 inches in front f David's face.

James Winced and prayed that something would stop his dad from over reacting like he normally does.