by Cyberchao X

CCX: Hello, and welcome to Dream, the story that has been in the making for close to three years now and is still far from over. I'll explain a little about how I got the idea for this story in Chapter 1; for now, this is just a necessary prologue. You'll see why soon enough. First off, there will be points at which characters outside of the story, including myself, interject with commentary/behind the scenes thought process. Some of this was not deemed conducive to the author's image and therefore will not be in this, the final copy. This means that the number of words and pages may not always match up with what we say it is. Furthermore, due to laziness on my part, some chapters—mostly battle scenes against minions, since the major bad guys are so cool—may not yet have actually been written, and when that happens, there will be a placeholder put in to keep the chapters matching up properly and to provide a space to insert one of those chapters should they ever become written. I welcome commentary—even criticism, provided that it's not too inflammatory—and in fact, I expect a bit of criticism early on. Remember, this story was started in January of 2004. My writing at that time was considerably less developed than it is now. It gets better as you go on; trust me. Due to delusions of grandeur, I nearly balked at putting this story up here, in a public domain, and it is with this that I give my first shout-out: Thank you for bringing me to my senses, Asterixa. Well, let's begin now, shall we?

9/5/08: Hello again. I'm hoping that the new rating brings in more readers. There are two parts to this story by this point. The first starts at Chapter 1; the second starts at Chapter 79. The two parts are related, but it is not absolutely mandatory that you read part 1 before reading part 2. In fact, I'm almost hoping you go to part 2 first, because part 1 is rather poorly written and might discourage people from sticking it out until part 2. Thanks to some missing chapters here and there, in order to go straight to part 2, you should scroll to #71, although the chapter name ought to be fairly obvious. If you want to get the full backstory first, read from the start.