Chapter TEN: A Man becomes what he dreams, you have dreamt well

The shrill cry of a baby resounded through the neat, two story house, threatening to waken the dead. As it happened, no spirits were invoked, but it did manage to wake Lauren and made her crack open an eye. God, why had she let Jason convince her to try for another baby… just when they had got Natalie out of her training pull-ups, and now they had a new baby, Nathaniel, who right now needed a change of dipper.

With a groan, Lauren began to roll over. But just then, Jason's arms surrounded her and he kissed her cheek. "Go back to sleep," He said in a husky voice. "I'll do it."

"Okay," Lauren said without arguing and dropped her head back into her pillow.

Jason kissed her again and got out of bed and went to the baby's room down the hall.

With a practiced ease, Jason picked up the screaming baby and placed him on the changing table and proceeded to make quick work of the dirty nappy and replace it with a fresh one. Nathaniel calmed down once he was all fresh and clean again, and Jason lifted him to his shoulder and bounced him a little to get him to fall back asleep.

When Nate's sturdy little body was relaxed with drowsiness, Jason placed him back on his little crib and turned on the little mobile hanging from the crib. Gently, Jason pulled a light blanket over Nate's body and turned around ready to go back to bed… only to find Natalie standing on the doorway, he dark red hair tangled from sleep, and rubbing her sleepy eyes.

"Did Nate wake you, sweetheart?" Jason asked, picking up the four year old girl and settling her at his hip.

"No, Daddy," Natalie said in her little voice. "I'm thirsty."

"Let's get you some water then." Jason said, carrying his daughter downstairs. "Or would you like something else? Milk?"

"Cocoa!" Natalie said.

"You know, you and your mother do like making me cook in the middle of the night." Jason said, smoothing back his daughter hair.

"Mommy said that was because she was having Nate and that it was all your fault, Daddy."

Jason chuckled.

"Alright, you sit right here." Jason said and sat her on a tall stool on the counter, and then he went about making his secret cocoa recipe while Natalie began talking. She was a little chatter hound, and Jason wouldn't have his little daughter any other way.

When the cocoa was ready, Jason poured it into Natalie's favorite cup and added a liberal amount of marshmallows and waited while Natalie drank about half a cup. Then she placed her cup on the counter and raised her arms to be picked up. Jason did and Natalie settled at his shoulder.

Bouncing her a little –just like he did with Nate – he moved to the living room, and paced around a little, it was the best way to get Natalie to fall asleep, as a baby, he had spent entire nights pacing around the house to get her to sleep.

Natalie put her arms around his neck, and he kept pacing.

He liked to pace in front of the mantel piece where he had all his favorite pictures. There was the one from Lauren, the first picture he had ever put on a mantelpiece, and there was one of their wedding – they had been married only a week after he proposed in the cutest ever backyard wedding at the Martineu's family home – and there were a few of the two of them with John, Stella, Jess and their son Mark (who was only a couple of months younger than Natalie).

Most pictures though, were of Natalie and, now, of Nate. There was one of Natalie the day they had brought her home from the hospital wearing the now famous "Hockey Princess" onesie. And there was one of Nate too, the day they had brought him home from the hospital, his onesie had been a gift from Lauren's brothers and it read "Hockey Stud".

Those Martineu boys were very happy to cuddle and spoil their niece and nephew. Hell, they had convinced him to allow them to sign Natalie for Pee Wee Hockey league when she turned seven and they were already teaching her the basics of Hockey. Jason just smiled, happy that his children had the kind of extended family he had never enjoyed.

Life was good to Jason and he was more than grateful. It's funny how life works, though. He had never, ever expected to have his life: The nice house with a big back yard and a nice front lawn in a family oriented neighborhood with smooth side walks for his kids to skate; a wife, two children, a dog and a hamster. But he loved every last aspect of his life, even the dammed hamster that made him sneeze if he spent too much time in its company.

Once Jason was convinced Natalie was halfway asleep, Jason carried her upstairs and tucked her into her little canopied bed.

"Good night, Daddy," She said and was asleep in a flash.

Lauren had to smile at the sight of the two of them. Jason was an excellent father. Those who had always said that he didn't have a fatherly-streak anywhere on his body – his own parents included – were absolutely wrong, but then again, those people – his parents included – had probably never seen him changing his son's dirty nappies or making up tales of rainbows and princesses and magic for his daughter.

"Are you done with Daddy-duty?" Lauren asked, surprising Jason.

"I thought you would be still asleep." Jason said, climbing back up into bed.

"Nah, I couldn't." Lauren said, snuggling into him.

Jason's arms went around her and kept her close.

"I do love it when they are asleep." Lauren said after a moment.

"I do too." Jason said.

"Yeah, because when they are asleep we can do things," Lauren said, climbing up Jason.

"What kind of things?" He said, clearly interested.


"Show me." Jason said… and she did.


End of Chapter Ten


End of Troubles with High Heels.


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