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Finding yourself is a great journey. But during it never forget who you were.
For the greatest experience in life is seeing HOW YOU'VE CHANGED. 3 For the Future.


Apartment 1B-Salem City, VA

IT WAS NICE for Kelly to be able to relax her guard, if only for this once. She walked through the house taking in her surroundings. 'Good,' she thought, 'Nothing had moved.' All this was second nature for her.

She went into the kitchen and started her breakfast- for one. It wasn't uncommon for a 28 year old to be living alone in this day and age. But it would be rare in her occupation for two people to be living together. Kelly laughed at herself and proceeded with her breakfast.

It seemed like a normal day when she'd awakened. She woke instantly without the grogginess that most people endured. She threw herself out of the bed and wrapped her body in work out clothes. She left her house for her routine run, only to return and do her sit-ups and push-ups. Not many could match the ferocity at which she worked out. And rarely could anyone match the strain she put on her body. She took a shower after her workout, letting the warm water relax her muscles.

She put on some decent clothes that looked nice but also let her move, just incase. After years of relying on memory, Kelly's body became accustomed to the little things she did – clothes that breathed, keeping her pistol within arms reach, checking around the corner.

They said he was coming for her. She said let him come. No matter when he came and no matter what he did, she would be ready for him.

Kelly ate breakfast quickly. It was the same breakfast she'd been eating for years- a hard-boiled egg, yogurt, a banana, and a cup of black coffee. 'Very predictable,' she thought. She couldn't help it; she liked routine. She put her dishes in the sink and returned to the bathroom to brush her teeth and finish her make-up.

Her eyeliner pencil dropped from her hand and clattered into the sink as a chill ran down her spine. Intuition told her someone was close, someone dangerous.

Kelly smiled in the mirror.