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THEY'D stopped just briefly for both Alex and Lauren to use some facilities and to grab something simple to eat. Lauren and Alex had been fine going down the road in silence but it was starting to grate on Alex's last nerve. If there was one thing he couldn't stand in large quantities it was silence. He hadn't been able to stand it since he was a young boy. It just seemed to make everything just a little more creepy than it had to be. He'd come to terms with this annoyance when he'd become an agent but at the moment there was no need for silence. He wasn't attacking someone so he didn't need to sneak up on someone and he wouldn't want them to know where he was. Therefore, the silence in the car was unnecessary.

He looked over at Lauren and watched her daintily eat her salad and sip on her Diet Coke. What was it with girls and diet drinks? He shrugged his shoulders and looked down in his lap at his burger and fries. As appealing as that was to his now empty stomach, no silence was a little more appealing. He looked up at the driver.

"Dude, can we turn on the radio or something? Does this car have a cd player because I brought a bunch of cds. It would be awesome just to get rid of this damn silence," Alex groaned. He saw out of the corner of his eye, Lauren shift to look at the driver also.

The driver, himself, was dumb struck. Were they actually talking to him? He shook off the feeling and looked down. Why yes there was a cd player. "Either idea works fine, sir." He said in the most professional tone he could muster. He never had liked this job.

"Cd player!" Alex squealed like a little kid. He wrapped up his food quickly, saving it for after the bombardment of noise. He dug into the only bag he was allowed to keep up in the car with him and found a case of cds. He looked through them quickly, dismissing several before pulling out a shiny silver one. It declared "Mix!" on it in chicken scratch handwriting. He passed it up to the driver, who put it in the cd player for them.

A hip hop beat came playing out as track one started. "I love this song!" Alex said as he put his cds away and started unwrapping his food again.

"This song is a piece of crap," Lauren said to him, though secretly she was enjoying the song. She just didn't want him knowing that. She turned to the driver. "Would you kindly turn that racket off." She then turned back to Alex. "I prefer silence."

"Get over it." Alex then retreated back to his food. The driver hadn't moved. He wasn't sure who to listen to. And truthfully, he was enjoying the noise as opposed to the tense silence that they had been driving in.

"I want silence."

"I like noise. You had four hours of silence. Now it's my turn. We'll have music playing."

"I hate this song."

"I like this song. Do you have any other cds to choose from? Maybe we can find something we both like." Alex was trying as hard as possible not to blow up on her. Was it such a challenge for her to just pretend to get along with him for the next few hours?

"Maybe I do."

"Fine. Find one and we'll see if I like it."

Lauren opened her bag and delved into it. She pulled a couple things out before finally retrieving her cds. She opened it and thumbed through her selection. She pulled out one of her mixes. "How about you listen to this one and we'll see how you like it."

Alex grumbled a fine and she told the driver, politely, to put in this cd. She handed Alex his cd after the driver gave it to her. He nodded thanks before stuffing more of his burger in his mouth.

A more rock oriented song began playing and Alex shrugged his shoulders. At least it wasn't some outrageous pop music as he had feared. He could deal with this. "This works."

Lauren looked at him with shock. She had been waiting for him to put up a fight about the music. She was certain that he would have liked hip hop and only hip hop but apparently this didn't bother him one bit. She watched as he just continued to shove food into his mouth until it was gone. He then looked over at her.

"Take a picture. It happens to last longer." Alex then went back to the task of cleaning himself up. It just so happened that he had gotten ketchup on his shirt. He wiped and wiped but it seemed to remain.

Lauren watched him struggle till she finally said, "Here let me." She grabbed a napkin, put it to her tongue, effectively getting it wet, and then wiped at his shirt till almost all of the ketchup was gone. She then looked up at him.

They stopped. What the hell just happened? Had she really been nice to him? Was hell freezing over at this moment in time?

"Asshole." One word killed the moment. Lauren turned, sat back in her seat and folded her arms over her chest. She then realized that she was still holding the napkin that she had cleaned his shirt off with. As if it had burnt her, she tossed it at him.


They continued listening to her cd for a while until Alex got antsy again and began searching through his bag. What had he packed in there? He pulled out a few shirts, a pair of boxers, a comb, a box of aspirin and a ... rubber elephant? She was almost curious. She reached out to grab it before he spun around and grabbed her wrist with an almost crushing grip.

"Don't touch Mr. Squeaky."

"Mr. Squeaky?" She questioned.

With skilled reflexes his hand shot out, grabbed the rubber elephant, shoved it in her face and squeaked it. "Mr. Squeaky." He then let go of wrist and took Mr. Squeaky and returned him to the bag, but not before giving him a stroke on the head.


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