I dug myself a pit.

More than big enough for my whole body to fit,

And there's room left for an ego shattered undone.

Space aplenty for enough sadness to shade the sun,

And if I crouch, I can just barely fit my pride.

It's really an abysmal place to hide.

But it's here I find myself all too much.

Feeling nobody wants me, so I fall out of touch.

Rejection is my anchor, the fall grows steeper

Rejection is my shovel, I dig myself deeper.

Here at rock bottom I curl up in the dark.

In my coffin of dirt, death makes its mark.

Whether real or imagined, my torment begs an end,

All I can do is a grip a razor and seek my end.

But in my suffocation, I need not fear,

For your descent brings oxygen near,

There is light in the depth of despair

My blinded eyes couldn't see your care

Breath of something fills my lungs,

Granting me joy in a thousand tongues

More real than I ever imagined, you brought my torment to an end

All I can do is grip you on whom I've come to depend.