The Wall

I see the wall;
so many names,
Helpless death,

loveless life,
or maybe not.
But the endless ignorance
almost aches inside,

drags me from my endless
reveries, where I imagine
a world of peace,
not these names.

I knew him,
I loved him,
and now he's dead.

Where did you put
my sanity? It must
be wherever the world's went.

And although I have
not seen it,
I feel its immensity, its
ability to change my life.

I would like to touch it,
to feel death
cascading beneath
my fingers, little pebbles
from that

boulder over there, the big one,
making the avalanche,
killing the Old Man, (a warning)
the young men.

There are things
I'd like to change, but
my hands are small, weak,
I can only touch the names,
not lift them from the Dark Place

where they went to. If only
if only I knew one, two,
really none, I could
understand the ignorance, the
reasoning for this,

And I could stop it,even with my small
hands, because sometimes
a voice can be even stronger.

Dancing the Dark Dance,
you pulled my hair,
murdered a generation.