I dunno…just something that kinda came upon me as I was in the car on the way to wherever with my family. No real story here (well, there is a plot and characters and setting and crap…but not much else)…it's not based on me. Actually, I used mine and my sister's names…but that's it. And it's just a one-shot; promise.

I didn't mean to over-do myself, but I had to make the 'perfect woman'. So I made it me.

Don't worry; I forgive you for your faultiness.


-Sa x33


By: Authordream4life

I look around briefly and wonder to myself again why I'd been talked into coming.

Mac, my business partner, dragged me all around this little 'get-together' for the business world, trying to introduce me to important financial standers, and possible mergers. I yawned when he told some golfing joke to Mr. Luke-Thomas, the lead owner of a huge chain of super-markets (the name of which I've forgotten).

"Oh, hey," said Mac as Mr. Luke-Thomas strode away, "I pretty much forgot to introduce you to Miss Comeau, of League and League Industries. She's organized this little meeting here. It's her house."

Now, he said house. I think he should've said 'mansion'; maybe its just because my split-level house doesn't really compare.

And he also said 'Comeau'…that's not a too-common name. Did he mean Sara Comeau? Did I attend high school with this woman?

He took me around the shoulders and lead me over to a woman in a light gold dress carrying a young child. The boy had blonde hair and blue eyes; his hair was buzz-cut. He reminded me vaguely of a younger brother of a girl I dated once…and then—

"Mr. Tamons!" exclaimed the woman, embracing Mac. The poor kid got smushed between the blonde woman and my associate. "And this must be Zach Smith," she said knowingly, extending her hand towards me.

I took it. There was something definitely familiar about this girl. How coincidental would it be for a Comeau to have the same blonde hair, freckle, and nose as Sara Comeau; the girl of my dreams?

"Sara," I breathed. She looked puzzled for a moment, then said slowly, "I think you must be mistaking me for someone else, Mr. Smith. You may call me Judy."

"Oh. Right; sorry," I said, shaking my head at my own stupidity. Come to think of it, Sara hadn't had glasses, or that young smile.

We spoke for some time, and I discovered a few things about Judy Comeau; her son's name was Nick, he was 2 and a half, she was engaged, and she was the middle child growing up. Nick had offered his input on the discussion as well.

"But my daddy likes baseball, too!" he said. We all smiled at the cleverness of such a young child.

"Well, Nick here has a very extended vocabulary for such a young age," I commented, chuckling.

"Yeah, his auntie works with him all the time; she just loves grammar and English. My sister, Sara," added Judy to Mac, who nodded.

So there was a Sara Comeau involved, huh?

"Your sister," I said, grabbing at the small knock of opportunity. "Is she older than you?"

"Oh, yeah," laughed Judy, "Sara's my big sister; she's got four years on me. She's just over there, by the fountain," she pointed vaguely in the direction, and I caught sight of something that made my breath hitch.

My old high school sweetheart.

"If you'll excuse me," I said politely, walking slowly over to the fountain. Sara was wearing a black shirt/skirt/dress combo, and looked rather out of place. Obviously the most beautiful woman there, she disguised it, rather than flaunt it. No one was talking to her, and she seemed to prefer it that way. She raised her left hand to tuck a sliver of hair behind her ear, and there was no glint of light; no golden band or diamond. Sara was not married.

"Sara?" I asked, coming up behind her. She spun around and looked up in my face, and I knew. I knew then and there that this was the girl I loved, I knew then and there that this was the girl I lived life for. I knew at that moment in time, that painstaking moment in time, that this was the girl that made my life bearable. Her blue-green eyes sparkled as they made contact with mine, and I noticed that her freckle was the same as Judy's; right on the left eyelid. A weird family trait, but attractive nonetheless. I smiled as recognition played across her familiar face. "Do you remember me?"

It took her a minute to reply. Then –

"How could I forget?" It wasn't a real question; but it wasn't a statement. Her whisper sent shivers up and down my spine. I didn't know if she was happy to see me or upset, but it didn't matter; I had found the girl of my wildest fantasies, for the first time in six years! "Zach Smith," she concluded, smiling. She was happy.

"Knew you missed me," I commented nonchalantly. We both laughed lightly. "So how've you been?" I asked. Her smiled faltered, and the same exact thoughts splayed across my mind, however hard I tried to stop them. This is how it always is between ex-lovers. 'How have you been?' 'Good, and you?' 'Good, good. Have you married? What's he like? How long did you date? Where'd you go after High School? Where do you work?' 'You must come over some time. Come meet my family! I'd love to have your wife over some time! Oh, you've got to go? So soon?' Thoughts raced through my head. I wanted to do anything, anything, to keep it from being so distant.

"I've been…." she looked around for a second, "less than well."

"How so?" I asked. I was relieved that she was willing to drop her mask.

"Well…a few years ago, my fiancé backed out…and then I got evicted from my apartment…getting jobs has been rough…Tina has needed special care…" My heart drooped. Was Tina a child?

"Mmhmm. Well then, you win."

"What do you mean?"

"You had the worse life," I explained shortly, smiling gently.

"Oh. Thanks," she muttered sarcastically. "So, you're here because…?"

"My partner Mac dragged me here. We're in the advertisement industry."


"And, what do…what do you do?" I almost guessed the answer from the way her face lit up.

"I'm in acting, and I've sold a few bestsellers. I'm only here cause I live here with Judy now, and it'd be kind of hermit-like to avoid a full-throttle party."

I looked around. There were no blonde girls running around, no little girl's laughter sprinkled in the garden. "So, uhh…where's Tina?" I asked conversationally.

"My dog?" laughed Sara.

"No, I…" I looked around hopelessly and then laughed too, "I thought you had a daughter."

"Oh. I don't. I'm child-less, I assure you," she said, smiling.

"Same here." I glanced down at my watch and back up. She wasn't looking at me the way she used to…in school. I remember; her eyes would be glazed over, and her smile was politely gawking. She'd look down the second I looked up, and blush like crazy, then look back determinedly. Back then I'd only smiled back. I hadn't known how much effort to put in.

No, no, now, she was staring at her nephew. She smiled and laughed. "He looks like Josh," she commented softly, her white teeth showing.

"Yeah," I said, meeting her gaze. She blushed and stared back.

"Zach, buddy, we gotta go, man," prompted Mac, appearing beside me. My heart stopped beating for a few vital seconds, then I resumed breathing. "Who's your friend?"

"Mac, this is Sara, and old high school…friend. Sara, this is Mac, my business partner." They shook hands and Sara smiled kindly.

"Well, I guess this is good-bye…" she said, her voice trailing off.

"I know this is sudden, but uhm…would you maybe like to…go out some time?" I asked hopefully. There was no way she could say no, not after a fate meeting like this.

"Oh," she said, "I'm sorry, Zach, but I'm….I…I'm engaged."

And then I saw the ring on her right hand.

Just a short story to show that you CAN'T always get what you want.

-Sa x33