It wasn't long before my words were too long for me
and I tripped over them

I don't think in (parenthesis) or half.words, I'm
chasing afterimages of palindromes

are we now revel clever, won new era
to I, riot
omen rat star Nemo
So men, omens
Snow nonsense.

analogue analogies obliterated
as I try to put this in words you'll understand
it's an outlier (what is? that four-letter word),
it's an aberration.
don't tell me it's not possible to raise u to the power of infinity.

you'll tell me, like you think you're witty,
apple pi a la mean/median/mode.
I'll tell you apples mean original sin/computers.
It's all stu(dying).

remnants of Latin lace my scrapbook mind;
yours is a calculator fluent in Greek.
So we don't compute,
but we look nice side-by-side.

you'll never understand
I'm less real, an abstract hypothesis,
translucent: just a lens for scientists to see into the soul.
Writers don't fit into their words.

But you'll tell me, in that way you do—
don't worry. You'll grow into them.


A/N: Not very polished yet. I know the palindromes aren't perfect, but I've just discovered how difficult they are to invent. Try it sometime.

Science and math kids speak a different language from English and art kids, though they can develop a wonderful symbiosis.

Okay so it's all kind of odd and disjointed... but I really wanted to write something different from my usual. Perhaps I haven't done it all that well, but I'll keep working at it.