I was really bored and this is what I came up with. It's really short and has no point, but who among us has not done this sort of thing in class?

If you say you haven't, you're either a complete goody-goody, or apathological liar.

The Knights of PS 337

"Be gone, ye blasphemer and terrible twister of words and numbers! Thou art no longer welcome in the land of Secontairy!" bellowed King Christoph, holding his mighty sword to the neck of the evil Sorceress Burrgina. She hissed and grabbed for her long, icy wand, but discovered that it was nowhere to be found. King Christoph smirked as his best knight in the land, The Ivy Knight, rode up by his side. The Ivy Knight held up Burrgina's wand in her hand and waved it.

"Methinks thou hast dropped something, foolish wench," smirked The Ivy Knight as she placed the wand back into her pocket.

Burrgina growled back at them, "Are thouest not going to kill me?"

King Christoph pulled back his sword. "No. Rid thyself from this land and do no more evils." He looked at The Ivy Knight and mounted back on his own horse, Justice. "To the castle!"

"To the castle!" echoed The Ivy Knight as she rode after King Chibalot, knowing forever that they had triumphed over the evil Sorceress Burr-

"CHRISTOPHER NELSON! LAST I CHECKED, THIS WAS MATH CLASS, NOT STORY-WRITING TIME!" snapped Mrs. Burr as she hit her long yardstick against the white board. All heads in class snapped towards Chris as he slowly closed his notebook, turning the faintest shade of red and smiling sheepishly.

"Sorry, Mrs. Burr…" mumbled Chris. "Won't happen again."

Mrs. Burr eyed Chris warily. "I'm sure." She turned back to her lecture.

Chris grinned over at his cousin, Ivy, who smirked at him and mouthed, "Busted."

Chris shrugged. "Oh well. Only twenty minutes more until science class…"


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