A lot of stuff happens to me at school, so I figure why not write about it.

Passing Periods

The passing period. A bell that notifies all that there is five minutes to get to your next class. These are routine in daily highschool life for me. The bell rings, I go to my locker I go to class, I fall asleep and forty five minutes later it starts all over again until two fifty in the afternoon. But every now and then, I have a passing period worth writing about.

It was the third week of my junior year. September twelfth two thousand six. A Tuesday if I recall. This is the tale of the most horrifying, strange, unusual, funny, awkward, action packed, close call, what was that?, passing period in my entire duration of highschool thus far.

The story begins after my sixth hour lunch. I live a block away from school so a few friends and I walk to my house and raid my fridge and pantry. Making up a batch of bagel bites we leave the house food in hand, and walk back to the school. We walk through the main lobby of the school then into the cafeteria. After some chit-chat, we split paths. Brandon goes one we, Matt and I go another.

When me and Matt reach Senior hall, then bell rings. Matt remembers that his class is in the library today so he decides to go another way. We exchange goodbyes, and he walks off. While he walks, I think about my current mission.

I have to get to my locker through senior hall, to get my messenger backpack that I placed in it during lunch. Go back to the intersection, take a left, move down the hall till I reach a dead end, take a right and then fifth door on the left. With my goal in my mind. I start to move.

Before I go any further, let me tell you about the councilors office. The office is located in senior hall next to the cafeteria. And it just so happens, that the door to the office, opens out, not in. Now, we continue.

I turn around and start to move down senior hall before the councilor office door opens. It nails me full power, enough to send me to the ground. I knew some people were laughing as I lay on the ground for about ten seconds trying to figure out if my nose is broken. When I realize I'm fine, I get up and move.

Because lunch just let out, the hallway is a little crowded. You could get molested in the hall and not even know it. After I manage to squeeze my way through I cut through the courtyard that connects senior hall with junior hall.

Using my cat like reflexes I get through the clog at the four way intersection. Sophomore hall, the E hall, the D hall, and the study hall stairwell where everyone is flooding out of study hall. I get to my locker nearby the courtyard door, open it, place my lock hanging out of my pocket and grab my messenger bag. Placing the strap over my shoulder I shut my locker and move toward Sophomore hall.

When I get halfway down the hall, I finally notice something. Something is hitting my leg with every step. I look down and see my lock is still hanging there. I turn around to head back to my locker, and collide into someone chest to chest. I help her with her books then take off again. This is where things got a little out of hand.

A clown car of people let out and they were moving down the hall, not up it. I was swimming against the tide and had to fight my way through. When I manage to get back to the intersection, I hear something hit the ground. I look at my feet and see my lock.

I kneel down to get it only to have it kicked before my hand can grasp it. It slides through the cluster of people and down the study hall stairs like a slinky. After my hand is stepped on by a skinny redhead in flip flops, I run over to the stairs and see people's heads turning, which tells me it was still falling. I see it hit the bottom and slid against a wall.

A freshman walked to my lock and picked it up. He looked at it puzzled before I ran up to him, snatched my lock, pivot back, and run up the not so crowded stairs. I quickly reach my locker and secure it with the lock. Then the warning bell rang. It tells us we have one minute or we will be late.

I run to sophomore hall and run down it. A group of freshman are standing in the center of the hall and I have to swerve around them. Someone was also swerving and we collided into each other mid stride. I don't fall, but she hits her bac and slides about five feet. I help her up, and keep moving.

I round the corner of the dead end and enter my classroom when the bell rings. Out of breath I sit in my seat, second row, fourth from the left. When I look up a second later, I notice something I should have immediately noticed. The room is empty.

Walking to the door I see a note on it. The note says we're in the computer lab today. The day before my teacher told us at the end of class. I would have remembered, but the bell cut her off. I lower my head and walk to the computer lab, which is right next to my locker.

I enter the lab and the teacher asks me why I was late. I walk by and say, " Just don't ask, you wouldn't believe me."