Patience's POV

Summary: Patience is a complete tomboy, always being one of the guys, but all of this time..she's had her eye on her best friend London, who is oblivious to her feelings for him. He goes for cheerleaders and blonde bombshells, so he wouldn't be attracted to her, right? To him, she's just his best friend, but is he also keeping a secret from her?

- - - - -

You make me feel out of my element

Like I'm drifting out to the sea

Like the tides pulling me in deeper

Making it harder to breathe

- - - - -

01: A Secret Love

"Aw, stinky, plug it up! That's disgusting!"

I laughed from the kitchen as I filled the large bowl with cheese puffs, shaking my head as I heard him complaining from the living room. 'Him' would be my best friend, the only person that knows my deepest secrets-next to my younger twin brother. That's right, I'm older by five minutes, but he plays the role of an older overprotective brother and his height doesn't help. People think that just because I'm shorter, I'm the young one.

...I guess that makes sense.

London Ace Summers is my best friend, the only man I trust besides my brothers. We met in the seventh grade and as people say, the rest is history. We clicked instantly once he saw that I could hold my own in a game of rugby for gym class. He thought I would be like any other girl, worrying about getting dirt under my nails or risk breaking them. I proved him wrong when I gladly took down a boy larger than me. He showed interest in me right away, vice versa.

He was adorable with his big innocent blue eyes, his tousled black hair that was covered by a hat often. I loved his name right away and out of curiosity, I asked why his parents named him London.

"That's where they conceived me."

His blank expression that came to his face when he responded was so cute.

We became best friends, acting as if we knew each other our whole lives. Anyone would agree.

Now, we're both seventeen and two weeks into our Senior Year. Not much changed between us through the years, except the fact that he became one of the 'worshiped' popular men around the school. Girls swooned when he passed them, sighed dreamily when he flashed one of his dazzling smiles. I ignored it all. He was just a normal guy. My normal best friend who always gave me his dazzling smiles.

Take that, bitches.

I left the kitchen and made my way to the living room in a pair of sweats and a simple black tank top, tossing a cheese puff into my mouth before handing him the bowl. He waved a hand in front of his nose, giving me a displeasing look as I sat down next to him on the couch. I laughed, strands of my brown hair falling into my face as I tilted my head, bringing my knees up to my chest. "I don't smell that bad!"

"Sure, I just give you Stinky as a pet name for my own entertainment," he murmured sarcastically, glancing at the television. "You're toxic. Don't fart in my presence ever again."

He was still as adorable as he was in seventh grade. Playful glints were always in his dark blue eyes, his smirks always devilish, and his laughter sending shivers down my spine. I had him all to myself, as a best friend anyway. That's all we ever were. Best friends and nothing more, much to my dismay.

Yes, it was easy to see. I had feelings for my best friend in the whole wide world. I've had feelings for him ever since the seventh grade. At first, I was certain that it was just a silly crush...but does crushes last for several years? I don't think so. Why haven't I told him yet?

Why should I? Why would I ruin a perfectly good friendship? Everyone knows how it happens. You're best friends with someone and when you tell them you have feelings for them; everything becomes awkward when they don't have the same feelings. I don't want to face that. How embarrassing. Besides, I'm not exactly his type. I'm basically a little boy trapped in a female body. I dress like a boy, I talk dirty like a boy, I act like a boy–you get it. I'm far away from the typical blonde bombshells he goes for.

But I do keep some femininity around. I shave, I wash my hair everyday with excellent smelling shampoo...and that's about it. I don't wear pink, I wear dirty clothes if I can't find anything clean, I hardly care about brushing my hair, and I basically don't give a shit of what other girls' think about me. I already know what they think of me, but I could care less. All I need is my best friend by my side and the rest of the gang, which consists of only boys'. They accepted me and I'm officially 'one of the guys'. I'm not popular like London, not one bit. I'm referred to as 'the dykish tomboy that hangs around London'. Cute title, huh?

I'm not a dyke. I think that term is very harsh for lesbians, by the way.

"Stinky isn't the best pet name to give someone," I told him, stealing another cheese puff.

"It suits you," he grumbled, his dark blue eyes darting to my hazel. "You already know what I think of you passing gas, but your morning breathe also reeks of shit."

London can be a really sweet guy, he can, but he's also very blunt. He won't hide anything from anyone. If he doesn't like someone, he lets him or her know without caring if he hurts them. He doesn't mean to be rude, it just happens.

I glared defensively, "As if your morning breath smells of roses!"

"It does. Don't be jealous. Change the movie; Napoleon Dynamite is over. What else is there to watch?"

"Uh–MyBest Friends Wedding!"

He groaned, his eyes narrowing. "Not that again! I'm starting to hate that movie!"

I'm a Julia Roberts fan and for me, My Best Friends Wedding is my favorite movie with her in it. I love her laugh too. It's a little loud and obnoxious, but it's contagious. I've been told that my laugh resembles hers and I'm not sure if I should take that as a compliment or not...

"I love this movie! It's so cute!"

That's probably the only girlish thing in my life. That movie and my attraction to such a chick flick.

"It's a bullshit movie, stinky! This guy–her best friend, doesn't even realize that she's head over heels for him! He rubs in the fact that he's getting married and is oblivious to her feelings. It's very obvious how much she cares for him if he just looks into her eyes or whatever. Then, in the end, they don't even end up together!"

"It was still a happy ending! The other man–her editor–"

"Yes, I know what happens." He scoffed, "How can I not?"

I shrugged and climbed off of the couch, wiping my cheese covered fingers carelessly on my sweats and walking over to the DVD Player and smiling to myself as I grabbed My Best Friends Wedding. I heard him mumble incoherently from the couch and I shot him a look over my shoulder that silenced him. He may be six feet tall and fit, but he knew that I could take him down with pinching certain areas. I may be only five foot two, but I can pack a hit. I played hockey in my sophomore year and girls' were scared to steal the puck from me because I was such a ferocious player.

"Where are your brothers? Aren't the supposed to be back by now?"

Did I mention my family consists of five boys, including my twin brother? My twin, Gregory and I are seventeen, next is Dane who is fifteen, then twelve year old Jacob, ten year old Corey, and five year old Drew.

...My parents were busy I guess.

I also have an older half sister, but she's not my favorite person to talk about. She refers to me as 'the sixth boy' in the family. What a nice thing to say.

"Greg has a football meeting with the team or whatever. My mom picked up the rest from school, taking them all shopping for more school clothes and then she should be back in a hour or two. Actually, with those four monster, make it three hours."

Dropping the case on the carpeted floor, I made my way back to the couch, getting comfortable as he went to the main screen and started the movie.

"This guy–her best friend, doesn't even realize that she's head over heels for him!"

Didn't he realize that he was talking about himself?

"It's very obvious how much she cares for him if he just looks into her eyes or whatever."

Did he ever catch the longing looks I gave him regularly?

"Something wrong?" I heard him ask.

I frowned, lying easily. He could always tell when something was wrong with me and it was very annoying in some cases. "Huh–no! Why?"

He gave me his famous lopsided grin. "Calm down, Patience. Just wondering. You always bite that cute little bottom lip of yours when something is bothering you...or when you're thinking too hard." I sat still when his hand reached out, strands that escaped my messy bun getting tucked behind my ear. "You know you can tell me anything, right?"



I rolled my eyes, ignoring my stomach when I felt the warmth of his hand near my ear. "Yeah, I know." Disappointment invaded my senses when he pulled away. "You know you can tell me anything too, correct?"

"Righto," he murmured, shifting and placing his bare feet on the coffee table in front of us. He roughly tugged on my messy bun; "You better never keep anything from me!"

"I won't," I told him with a small glare, smacking his hand away from my hair.

Just this one thing, I'll keep to myself.

- - - - - - - -

This idea has been in my head for some time and I had to get it out. I hate it when I start a new story, but it has happened! Not very exciting, this first chapter. You got a peek into the life of Patience and her relationship with her best friend, London. The whole concept of falling for her new best friend is what happened to me in my seventh grade year..sooo long ago! If you like it, let me know! If you don't like it..well, sorry, can't make everyone happy. Sorry for any mistakes in this chapter. I sent it through word. Tell me what you think!

Lyrics: Chemicals React by Aly & Aj