Patience's POV

- - - - -

What kind of world would it be without you?

I couldn't breath without you here

What kind of world would I see without you?

I can't dream without you here

Beautiful boy

How on earth did I do something worth deserving you?

My better half

How I cherish through and through every part of you

I do

Loving you has made me whole

now I belong

I found my home

Promise me, we'll always stay

The way we are today

- - - - -

19: epilogue

I smacked Greg's hand away as we sat at our graduation ceremony, sending him a look to leave me alone. He wouldn't stop picking at me! I was ready to punch him in the face. He chuckled softly before turning in his seat to the brunette next to him, starting up a quiet conversation as our principal made a speech. As if anyone was really paying attention…

I looked to the bleachers, smiling when I saw my family, my dad having the camcorder attached to his hand waiting for our walk as Drew sat on his lap, the poor little guy already fast asleep with his face resting against his chest. My mom waved, her hand resting on her stomach. I waved a bit, hoping she wouldn't embarrass me when it came time for me to walk. I sent a smile to London's dad as well, his dad so happy that he could see his only son graduate, being one of the top students with several others. People were surprised that he was so smart, but he's only really clueless in the common sense area. He's always been a good student, working hard to make his dad proud.

Greg nudged me roughly on my arm.

Damnit all…

"Patience, you got any candy or anything for me to munch on?"

"No," I hissed back at him.

His mouth fell open, but was quickly shut, "What's with the attitude, brat?"

"You're bugging me."

"Drop the attitude or—"

I grinned, "Or what?" Greg was such a sissy when it came to me. Besides, I know all of his weak points…

"I'll kick your ass when we get home."

"I'm sure…"

He mumbled incoherent things under his breath before going back to flirting with the girl beside him. My eyes landed on Jayce who caught my eyes, sending me a wink as he smiled at me. I returned the smile, watching as the guy next to him nudged him, showing him something on his cell phone. Jayce and I…we were cool. We became close friends. Does he still have feelings for me?

…I never asked, but he never brought it up again. So…that's how we left things. Greg mentioned that he still had a thing for me, but Jayce continued seeing other girls and wasn't immature enough to come between London and I. I looked over my shoulder, seeing London and Stacey sitting next to each other. Stacey was most likely talking his ear off with nonsense. The girl loves to talk…

Currently, she's still living with us, her parents never taking the time to call and take her back. Stacey acted as if she was all right with that, but I knew she felt hurt inside due to her parents rejecting her. Now that I think about it, I'm not too sure if they're sitting in the crowd.

London laughed at something she said, passing a bag of candy to her. I was dumb enough not to bring any snacks to eat during the three-hour ceremony. I groaned. Three hours…

Stacey opened the candy with a smile, and I blinked when London met my eyes. He smiled slightly, and my face lit on fire when he winked at me, his smile turning lecherous.

When we first kissed…it was in one word, remarkable.

My toes curled, my stomach fluttered pleasantly, and our lips fit together perfectly.

We're still dating…and I'm very happy. To my surprise, we were voted one of the cutest couples in the yearbook. I thought a lot of people disliked me…

Girls hated me even more for taking 'their London' away. They didn't care to make things easier, acting like complete bitches by spreading rumors of London cheating with a different girl every week (when I'm with him basically every day), and others openly flirted (those hoes!), but he paid no mind.

"I'm all yours until you get sick of me."


"My butt was getting so sore sitting on that hard chair," Greg complained, sitting down on my bedroom floor next to Stacey. She grinned, a plate of food on her lap.

"I almost fell asleep," London said from my bed, lying on his side.

"A few times," Stacey added softly. I sat down on my bed, everyone else being loud downstairs. Greg stole a piece of chicken from Stacey's plate, getting his hand smacked in return. Stacey sighed, "I'm mad that I messed up my make-up during the senior slideshow."

"She was blubbering like a baby," London murmured, smiling.

"I think I shed a tear or two," Greg said with a big grin, taking something else from her plate.

"Yeah…I almost did." I glanced at them all, "Almost."

Stacey grinned, "Well, all the pictures made all of those childhood and high school memories come rushing to me and it's just sad that I'm going to be separated from people that I've known throughout middle and high school. Oh, that picture of you and London when you two were in the seventh grade was so cute."

"And the picture of Greg dressed in drag with another football player was funny as hell," London teased, earning a glare from my brother. I laughed, recalling that nearly the whole graduating class started laughing wildly while Greg slid down in his seat in humiliation, covering his face with his hand. I was laughing uncontrollably next to him as I stared at the picture of him in a tangled blonde wig, red halter-top, and mini denim skirt with the sides of a thong peeking up from the skirt.

I never want to see the picture again. It was funny…but disturbing.

"That was not to be seen! I was drunk, and I was with friends and we were dressing up because we were acting stupid. I don't know who put that in there."

Stacey snickered, "Probably Jayce. I could see him doing something like that. He's such a sneaky kid."

I nodded in agreement, smiling to myself as London sat up behind me, leaving a kiss on my cheek before he climbed off and headed downstairs, followed by Greg who was hungry as well. Stacey sighed dreamily, "I hope someday, someone will listen to some sweet lovey-dovey music, hear a song, and think of me."

"I thought you were dating some girl from our rival school!" Stacey hasn't told everyone she knows that she's interested in girls, but she secretly dates and hangs out with girls she's attracted to. It's safe to say that she's over me and now we're good friends. I trust her, so I share a lot of things with her, and vice versa.

She waved her hand, "It was nothing serious. I dumped her a few days ago, but there's always time to search in college."

"…Hey, were your parents there today?"

"They were." I gasped, "I know, right? I caught them in the crowd…my mom had a camera, but I think they left after they saw me walk."

"Are you going to try to contact them?"

"I don't really want to," she answered with a tilt of her head, "they ditched me, so they can call when they want me back, and I'll see if I can forgive them." She took another bite of her food, swallowing before she continued speaking, changing the topic, "So…I heard about London going to an away college."

I smiled, "Yeah…he got accepted to the college that he really wants to go to, so he took it."

"You two are going to continue dating, right? You two have to! It's meant to be!"

I laughed, "Calm down, we talked about it and everything. Both of us want to continue dating, even if he will be far away. He said he'll be a dedicated boyfriend that calls whenever he has the chance to, but I told him not to annoy me and call me over ten times a day."

A smirk slipped onto her face, "Ah…he's the type that calls just to say 'hello', and doesn't really have anything important to speak about, right?"


"London is so cute…"


I waved to Stacey and Greg as they climbed into her car, heading off to some wild party that was taking place, a party full of jocks, cheerleaders, and other snobby popular people. I'm not judging them because they're popular…I personally know they are all snobby…and that they want to be punched in the face by me. I closed the door as they drove off, honking. I glanced over my shoulder into the large living room, my four brothers watching a show on television and laughing hysterically. I couldn't tell what they were watching…but it looked stupid.

I wandered off upstairs, finding London sitting on the edge of my bed, flipping through channels in the search for something to watch. I took a seat on his lap, wrapping my arm around his shoulder as I leaned my head against his, staring at the screen.

He spoke first, "There's a party tomorrow night that I was invited to. Want to go? Most of our friends will be there."


"Hey," he started slowly, still changing channels, "when Stacey brought up all the high school memory crap, it just made me dread leaving even more."


"I mean…even Stacey is leaving to go to college, along with Greg…and some of our friends…you won't be lonely, will you?!"

I grinned, "A lot of kids from school will be attending the same college with me, so I'm sure I'll survive. There's always meeting new people too."

He gave me a doubtful look, "People are scared to approach you…"

I glared, "And Jayce is attending the same college too."

He made a noise in the back of his throat and I raised a brow, "I thought you two were okay."

London simply shrugged, "We're alright…but I don't trust him entirely."

"What?! It's Jayce, he's pretty harmless."

"It's Jayce, and he might still like you…and while I'm gone, what if his lust for you makes him act out and make a move on you?"

I patted his shoulder, "Simmer down. We're just friends, he knows that we're dating, and I'm positive that he won't try anything on me. Enough about Jayce," I told him, smiling when he stopped on one of my favorite movies that was just starting, placing the remote down. "But I'm dreading the day you'll be leaving for college too. I mean, we've been connected at the hip since seventh grade."

"I'll just spend this summer holding you as much as I can—"

"I find myself enjoying being in your arms."

He chuckled, brushing his nose lightly against mine, "Kissing you as much as I can—and I'd have to say that for a person that never kissed anyone before me, you turned out to be quite the kisser…"

I tried to keep the blush from creeping up, but I lost the battle. Only he could make such a thing happen…and I hate it. Greg was able to see me blush for the first time in forever a while ago, and he was taken aback, but didn't mind teasing me about it.

A warm hand snuck underneath my shirt, "Touching you as—"


"You love this pervert."


During the summer, a month after graduation, London's dad passed away in his sleep. London went to wake him up, and a moment later, he called me. I got there as fast as I could. Reality didn't set in until they took him away on the stretcher, and he finally broke down on the front porch, showing hardly any emotion to what had happened beforehand. He said that he had the feeling that the time was coming soon by how his dad was acting and all I could really tell him was that his dad was no longer in pain.

Everyone sent flowers and cards to him, reaching out, even kids we hardly spoke to from high school, but that didn't surprise me. He was fairly popular all four years of high school.

He even received a card from Katrina, who simply put that she was sorry for his loss because she knew how close London was with his dad. I was stunned that she sent one…

Maybe she was getting better at being nice…

His family members offered their homes to him for when he came back to town for vacations, and they let him know that they'd be there for him whenever he needed them. We didn't do much for two weeks except lie in my bed, and I let him cry whenever he needed to. A week later, he went and finished his tattoo, adding his dad's birth and death date underneath the praying hands. He said it was his closure, and after that, he didn't cry as much, and he spent time with friends instead of keeping himself cooped up somewhere. He knew his dad wouldn't want that.

As the summer started to end, people started to leave for college.

I turned into a sobbing baby when it came time for Greg to leave.

"Hey now!" Greg ruffled my hair, a sad smile coming onto his face as he stared down at me, "Please stop crying before you make me cry…and I'm a football player. I can't let people see my soft side…"

"Greg…it's just us," I grumbled, motioning towards Jayce, Stacey, and London. My parents and brothers already said their goodbyes. He pulled his hand away, his smile slipping from his face.

"Hey…I'll call everyday to check up on you and make sure no bum is hitting on you while me and London are gone." London made an agreeing noise in the background. "I have web cam on my computer, so I'll get to see you whenever. Our twin connection will not waver." He smiled softy, "I'll miss you."

"Even if I made you miserable by telling your friends that I—a girl, beat you up all the time? And your manliness was brought down a bit?"


Stacey left a few days after him, and of course she cried. It's Stacey…

Now, it's Christmas vacation, and everyone is supposed to come home. I wandered out of the store, putting my fuzzy hat back on as the cold bit at my ears, smiling at Jayce when he came out of another store with a bag in his hand. "Thanks for last minute shopping with me," he said, walking with me down the street.

Jayce had recently gotten a new girlfriend, a girl that he met at college and actually had a class with me. She's nice, and we get along, and it's good to hear that Jayce has chosen to start dating someone. I've pushed away the fact that he may still have feelings for me. It was time for the both of us to move on from that awkward situation.

"No problem. I've seen a few new things that I had to get for some of my brothers," I told him, showing him my two bags.

"So, is Stacey spending Christmas with your family this year? I haven't had the chance to speak with her lately."

"She's been pretty busy." I smiled when I saw the little shop that had the best hot chocolate, tugging on Jayce's sleeve and pointing.

"Excellent idea," he murmured.

We crossed the street, Jayce catching my arm when I nearly slipped on a patch of ice. I punched his arm when I regained my footing, and he tried to stop his laughter.

I rolled my eyes, "Back to Stacey, her parents called her a week or two ago, saying that they were ready to talk and have her home for Christmas. She accepted…was a bit hesitant about it, but she did. She said she'd call me to tell me how everything goes because she knows that they just can't go back to the way they were before."

"True," he said softly as we arrived at the shop, walking in when he opened the door for me.

"So, how's the girlfriend?" I asked as Jayce came to our table, placing my hot chocolate in front of me. "And you really didn't have to pay for mine, but you're stubborn…"

"That's what gentlemen do! Hm, and the girlfriend…she's doing well. We're doing alright, but I can tell we're not going to last for long."

My eyebrows shot up in surprise. His girlfriend just told me the exact opposite when we spoke to each other before leaving school at the end of the semester. "How come?"

He shrugged, taking a sip of his drink, "You know how sometimes you can just…tell that things aren't going to work out. She's a nice girl and all, but she has her downsides."

"All couples find their downsides of each other."

He smiled slightly, "Oh really? What's something you don't like about London?"

I sat there quietly, tapping my foot underneath the table. "I'll tell you when I think about it," I spoke finally, defeated. I couldn't think of anything. "So, what's up with her?"

"For one, she'll whine when I tell her I have to get off of the phone since I'm in the middle of something, or my mom and dad need me. And she'll ask if I even care to talk to her. I guess you can say that she's been acting a bit clingy for some reason. Secondly, when I want to hang out with friends, she'll moan and groan about how she wants to spend time with me, and if I REALLY care about her, I'd choose her over my friends."

"She doesn't seem that annoying…"

"You're not dating her," he muttered, "but I'll wait and see what happens. If we break up, it wouldn't necessarily be a big loss. It's not like I'm crazy about her or anything."

I watched him drink as I let my lips rest on the rim of the Styrofoam cup, his words echoing in my thoughts.

"It's not like I'm crazy about her or anything."

But…what he said to me…

"Don't you get why I blackmailed you in the first place? I'm crazy about you…"

"Jayce," I started quietly, averting my gaze from him when he looked back at me, being momentarily distracted by something outside of the large window we were sitting by.


"…I'm glad we're friends," I stated, catching his smile, but picking up on how his smile didn't reach his eyes. "And…I'm glad that we're okay."

He didn't reply right away, staring for a few seconds before taking a large gulp of his drink, setting it back down, "I think London has made you a bit soft. I never expected to have a touching confession coming out of you, of all people."

I frowned, kicking his leg underneath the table.


I rolled up my sleeves as I helped my mom finish up the last of the decorations, my brothers running around loudly as my little sister, Bethany, sat on the floor a few feet away from us, quietly busying herself with her many toys. My mom was more than pleased when she found out she was having a girl instead of another boy. "It's already eight, mom. When is Greg supposed to be here?"

She smiled at me, hopping off of the small stool as she held my arm. "Don't worry, Patience. He should be here any minute. He called while you were out to give me a heads up on how the roads were a bit bad." I nodded, watching her walk away into the kitchen to check on the dessert in the oven. I caught Drew by his arm as he tried to run past me, bending down and kissing his cheek as he worked on pushing me away.

"Sick—BACK OFF!"

I pulled away, grinning, "Then don't come under the mistletoe when I'm under it."

He stuck his tongue out, taking off when he heard his name being called from upstairs. I waited patiently for the next thirty minutes, playing with Bethany until I heard the doorbell. I handed her a stuffed rabbit before getting up, jogging to the door and unlocking it, swinging it open and receiving a snowball to the chest as soon as I did so.

I heard Greg laughing as he stood up from his hiding position, but he stopped as I managed to hit him directly in the face with a snowball. He whined as he brushed the snow off of his face with a gloved hand and I finally noticed the girl standing on the sidewalk, shaking her head as she watched him. She too, must've realized that he was a big baby on the inside.

"You must be his girlfriend I heard about every time we spoke to each other."

She looked at me, giving me a smile, "And you're his twin sister, Patience, right? He talks non-stop about you!"

I glared at him and he gave me the middle finger. They had better of been all good things…or else.

She approached me, holding out her hand, "I'm Molly."

For once, Greg achieved getting a girlfriend that didn't look like a complete skank or video vixen! She had a short haircut that ended at the tip of her ears, her brown bangs swept across her forehead. Greg had nothing but good things to say about her ever since he ran into her at his university. They met on their second day, and on their fourth day, he worked up the courage to ask her out.

She looked up at Greg when he walked up next to her, "I hope your mom doesn't mind me spending the holidays with you guys…"

"No, she doesn't care at all." I stepped aside, letting her in from the cold, "When I told her that your parents are stuck in another country because of their flight getting cancelled, she was more than happy to let you spend Christmas with us."

"Our mom is a generous person. I told you not to worry about it." Greg closed the front door, wrapping an arm around me and giving me a hug as he called for our brothers. As soon as he spoke, they all came stampeding down the stairs, eagerly hugging Greg. Molly was introduced, and our mom came in to meet her, offering to show her around as they got to know each other.

Greg and I found ourselves in the living room, Greg scooping up Bethany and planting a kiss on her forehead before holding her close as he sat down on the couch. "It's good to be home. I can't wait to see everyone that's coming back for Christmas. Oh, and isn't London coming?"

"He is…he should be here soon," I said, glancing down at my watch. I was getting impatient. "I missed you."

"I'll admit that I've missed you too, even if you are abusive."

I glanced over the back of the couch when I heard Drew asking Molly a question as she removed her coat, "Ha ha…Molly seems really great."

"Doesn't she? Isn't she cute?"

I shrugged, "If I were a guy, I'd date her."

Bethany found herself amazed with the drawstrings hanging from his hoodie, Greg making a face when she chose to chew on them, drooling on them a bit too much for his taste. He pulled them away from her, "I think—no, I know you'll get along with her. She isn't bitchy, she was never a stuck-up cheerleader, AND she's naturally a sweet girl. In our months of dating, we've never had one argument."

"That's what I like to hear…but where are you guys staying tonight?"

"We'll be crashing at that hotel a few blocks from here." He suddenly smiled, "Remember when we put a marshmallow in the microwave on Christmas Eve two years ago?" I nodded, and he continued, getting off of the couch with Bethany in his arms. "Let's do it again! Beth will get a kick out of it!"

Or it'll scare her…

He'll be the type of father that teaches his kids bad things…


I stood in my bathroom, using the flat iron on my slightly frizzy hair—thanks to Greg putting me in a headlock and purposely messing it up. I put the iron down when I heard my phone, hurrying over to my bed. I read the name, flipping my phone open, "Hey, Stace."

"Hey Patience! What are you up to?"

I heard Greg laughing downstairs, "Just…getting ready because London is coming back home."

"Ah, trying to look all nice and pretty like a girl for his arrival?" She laughed when I didn't respond. Sometimes I did want to look nice and feminine for London… "Did you buy lingerie or anything? I know you two will be having 'welcome back' sex."

"Geez! As if it's a-anybody's business," I grumbled out, getting another laugh from her. "Anyway, new topic. What's going on with you?"

"Eh, you know. Having some talks with the parents, they say they're sorry, sob sob, they want me to forgive that. The usual whenever a kid tells their parents that she or he is gay, but we're having an okay time. They're working on accepting the fact that I prefer women. Things like this take time, and I realize that."

"That's good to hear…really. It was bad enough that you spend the rest of your senior year away from them."

"Hm, whatever. I had fun hanging out at your house and getting to know your friends and family. Oh, I just remembered—is Greg back?"

"Yeah, he got back awhile ago, bringing his girlfriend with him since she had no where to go. He says it was love at first sight with her."

"Well…at least he's over me," she mumbled, and I laughed. "I lost count with how many times he offered to 'turn me straight'. Tell London I said hi and that I'll see him sometime soon after Christmas—and I'll give Greg a call tomorrow possibly."

"I will."

"I'll talk to you later!"

I smiled when she said goodbye, hanging up the phone. I tossed my phone back onto my bed, wandering into my bathroom and finishing my hair. I finished my hair a few minutes later, hearing my bedroom door open as I carefully put the flat iron down, getting ready to yell at one of my brothers. I grabbed the flat iron.

"Greg—" He never knocks before barging in, and I'd have no problem throwing the flat iron at him. "Get—"

I leaned out of the bathroom with the iron in hand, my eyes widening when I saw London standing there with a suitcase in his hand, a smile slipping onto his face. He placed it beside my dresser before removing his coat, his eyes traveling to the flat iron in my hand. I put it back down, turning off my bathroom light and smoothing out my clothes, "Did you just get here?"

He headed towards me; "I got here ten minutes ago, but spent my time talking to your family—getting kicked in the back of my knee by Drew, and meeting Molly. She's a nice girl. And your mom said that dinner will be ready in twenty minutes." I continued to make sure that I looked okay, until he stopped my hands with his, "Now, what the hell are you trying to fix, beautiful?"

My shoulders slumped and I blushed lightly, "We haven't been able to see each other in a few months, London—and the web cam thing didn't work out since you somehow broke your computer…"

"I didn't purposely throw myself down the stairs while carrying it…"

I pushed myself up on my toes, kissing him quickly on his mouth before dropping back down, "I bet there's a ton of gorgeous girls where you go, so…I just wanted to look nice."

"Hey, no need to become insecure," he said, leading me over to my bed and taking a seat before pulling me down to straddle his lap. "I barely notice any of the other girls—"

"—that probably flirt non-stop—"

"—and in response, I tell them that I'm not interested, and never will be. Trust me, I plan to marry you someday, Patience, not some chick that can't take a hint and leave me the hell alone." He chuckled, "You never have to try to 'look good' for me. I think you look good all of the time; when you're in sweats, when you're dirty from playing sports, when you wake up with your hair a mess...I even find you still attractive when you fart–Stinky."

"...Hey, you said you were done with that nick name."

His hand slipped to the nape of my neck and he closed the distance between our faces, kissing me gently before pulling away. For the next few minutes he filled me in on everything that was going on with him; the people he met, what he thought of the school and teachers. I listened intently, noticing how he has matured every since his dad passed away. He was still the clueless London that everyone knew and loved, but he was definitely different in some ways. "But enough about me. You have to tell me how things have been going since we didn't get a lot of time to talk because of the end of semester exams."


One hand trailed down to the small of my back as he kissed the skin beneath my ear lightly, "After I get to give you a proper kiss. I've missed my best friend slash girlfriend like you wouldn't believe." I eagerly met his lips, his warm hand sneaking underneath my sweater to slowly run up my back, pressing me closer to him as I parted my lips. His tongue entered my mouth and I moaned softly into the kiss, reaching for his sweater and gripping the material gently.

Back then; I was scared to admit my feelings for him.

Scared to ruin our friendship, terrified that we would slowly become distant with each other and no longer be best friends in the future.

But I can now say that I'm not scared to look into what the future has for us, because I know we'll be all right. I'm pretty damn sure of it.


- - - - -

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