The night is calling,

A sweet song of death,

Lulling me into sleep.

The night is calling loud.

I'll wrap it around me,

Like a frigid blanket.

It will numb my heart,

It will calm my feverish soul

It's easier than pain,

It's easier than love,

It's easier than trying.

I'll slip away.

Slide with the current,

Out and away I'll slide,

With wings of lead,

I'll slide through the dark.

Or is it despair lulling me?

I am called to sleep on nails,

In a wave of apathy,

Tumbling into hell and ruin

Your love is calling me,

A sweet song with power,

Luring me back to life.

Give me wings of gold.

It's hard to ignore.

It's hard to forget

It's hard to get lost

You're a beautiful sunrise, awakening me.