I hate, hate the way you do things.

It's degrading.

I hate the way you refuse to smile.

It's depressing.

I guess I'm not all that cheery at the moment,

But you can blame yourself for that.

The world seems to be upside down,

(With you on the top)

And I can't seem to stop,

Stop thinking of you.

Life is what you make of it,

No matter what everyone else says,

I made it.

And now I want to destroy it.

I want to destroy you.

I can't understand how you won it,

When I ended up last…

It all went so fast

What happened to slow motion?

I used to love you.

I used to think you were my everything,

Now you're my nothing

Because everyone else feels that way.

(They all love you…)


Time to give it up.

I'm heartbroken and alone,

And the only one that can make it better…

Is the one that made it that way.

The one that… I… I think I still love you.

Oh, it hurts so much

Just to speak your name,

Just to pretend its all okay

It makes me want to cry…

You've always made me want to cry.


Time and time again

I wonder, wonder when

You'll take me back,

You are going to right?

I hate, hate the way you do things.

It's degrading.

So why am I not mad?